In 2013 Rahi Systems established a presence in China.  At the time, Rahi was primarily looking to support existing customers with their IT and data center requirements.  Over the course of the last three years, the Rahi China team has grown significantly.   This is attributed to positive deployments within the Chinese Economy, and an increase in business through China worldwide.

Rahi has developed staff experts and has added resources to ensure International and Domestic customers in China receive the same level of commitment, delivery, and post-sales support as in any other region.

Fun facts about China:

  • Population 1.4 Billion ~ 20% of world’s population
  • Internet Users 700 Million Users growing at 25% year over year
  • Mobile Phone Subscriptions ~ 1.28 Billion or 2 Devices per user
  • Ratio of Internet Users  US : China  = 1 : 3
  • Ratio of In-Country Data Centers US : China = 1000+ : 1

China as a country represents challenges for doing business. Some of these challenges include:

Standards Complexity – China has a set of standards that are defined within the CCC criteria for products used in the Information Technology Space. CCC is a must have requirement for companies wanting to deploy and use products / solutions in China.

Logistical Issues – China has a strict set of guidelines around the import of products with documentation, valuation, categorization, usage, audit trails of where each product is going to be used.

On the other hand, domestic Chinese companies looking to expand worldwide face similar hurdles including language barriers, understanding different sets of standards worldwide (Example: CE in Europe, BIS in India or UL / Electrical Standards in USA) as they continue to grow.

Rahi understands these aspects of doing business in China very well.

Experience – The Rahi China Team includes several team members that have more than five year of individual work experience in USA and Europe. Rahi’s international teams including Europe, India, and U.S. visit China every quarter.

Logistics – Rahi has a local presence in China including a Chinese entity.  This allows us to easily import products, and provide a complete audit trail of import and transact business locally.

Standards – The Rahi China Team has worked with several manufacturers to apply and generate CCC Exemptions or Licenses as required to ensure that products comply with all local standards. This guarantees a very efficient delivery.

Services – Rahi is able to provide a full suite of data center solutions including: procuring and building data center white space, design and installation of an IT room, to managing the entire install including post-sales support.

“We are confident that we will be able to support your IT Business needs and solve the challenges, so that you can grow your business.”   –  Tarun Raisoni, CEO, Rahi Systems


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