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Data Centre Monitoring

Data centre monitoring is also referred to as Data Centre Infrastructure Management (DCIM). It involves the process of monitoring, managing, and operating a data centre with the ability to utilize measured inputs for the environmental, power, and communications resources available, which allows for compliance with predefined organizational requirements. These inputs are enabled from a combination of manual and automated tools to ensure the data centre’s best operating health. The goal of having a monitored data centre is to ensure that the data centre’s key functions and services are delivered effectively and efficiently without disruption.

Data centre monitoring typically encompasses the measurement and monitoring of various elements, such as:

Power quality, availability and consumption

Temperature, air flow and humidity

Physical security to manage access of personnel

Benefits of Infrastructure Monitoring

With our solution portfolio of data centre infrastructure management, our clients benefit with the following:

  • Automation capabilities to monitor the infrastructure
  • Physical and logical secure access to your infrastructure
  • Compliance, audit, and reporting of assets
  • Increased efficiency by optimizing the data centre operations
  • Improving uptime of the entire data centre

Rahi's Solution

Rahi products include multiple options for measuring and reporting on your data center space’s environmental conditions using both wired and wire-free technologies. These can be integrated into various locations within the electrical system of the room or building. 

Current Portfolio Partners for Data Centre Infrastructure Management & Monitoring

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