Today, IT Decision-makers have to choose between various complexities in their infrastructure, including being challenged to modernize their data centre to keep up with the Cloud Providers’ efficiencies. If they choose a Cloud Provider, they have the flexibility of moving between multiple cloud providers to benefit from cost-efficiency, scale, reliability, dependencies, and compliance. Legacy or modern applications now need to scale even further beyond when serving the entire planet in a remote latency-sensitive environment.

Converged infrastructure today is a solution of components combined to serve a particular application or purpose as and when desired. Hyper-Converged infrastructure is a more tightly integrated offering with a software-centric, minimal hardware dependency type of an approach to offer the most reliability in one environment.

Converged Solutions

To Converge or Hyper-Converge?

Hyper-Converged Solutions

Rahi offers a whole variety of solutions and services in this space that are based on first and foremost a conversation with you to understand the needs of your applications and, more importantly, addressing the needs around:
Application Environments that demand scale & flexibility

Modernization of Your Data Centre

Multi-Cloud Strategy with Private Cloud and Public Cloud as a key solution


Full Cloud Stack

Full Cloud Stack: Integrates compute, storage, virtualization, networking resources for any application

One-Click Simplicity

Simplicity: Design offerings that make it simple to deploy, operate, and lifecycle the solutions

Deploy Apps in Minutes

Operations Automation: Automate your operations so you can deploy in minutes versus days and increase the efficiency of delivery

Automate Application Management

Lower Costs: Guaranteed TCO savings up to 60% by utilizing both private and public cloud offerings

Lower Cloud Cost

True Hybrid Cloud: Integrate the public cloud offerings such as Azure Arc, Anthos, Outpost with your private cloud and have a seamless experience in migrating applications.

Solution Partners

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