Software-Defined Data Centre

Control of the environment is separated from hardware and automated through software. The software-defined data center enables policy-based provisioning, configuration, and IT resources allocation. The entire environment can be centrally managed, and many operational tasks automated for greater efficiency and improved service delivery.


Faster Provisioning

Granular, Policy-Based Control over Service Levels

Simplified Operations and Troubleshooting

Flexible Resource Management

Improved Asset Utilization

Hurdles of Implementation

The software-defined data centre can be challenging to implement. IT teams must invest significant time in architecting a solution in which all data centre components interoperate. Policies must be defined so that resources are allocated correctly, and applications and workloads monitored to ensure that performance, bandwidth, and storage requirements are met. Automation and orchestration tools must be implemented to maximize the benefits of the highly virtualized environment.

Rahi Is Your Solution

Rahi has field expertise in the implementation of software-defined data centres based upon industry-leading systems and frameworks. We can help you choose the right solution for your environment, and implement a solution that allows data centre administrators to deploy virtual machines, assign storage and configure networks through a single graphical user interface.

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