Airflow Management

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Essential to the Data Centre

Rahi offers a wide array of industry-leading solutions to properly manage airflow to optimize data centre cooling efficiency and effectiveness. Airflow management is a crucial element in reducing operating costs, maximizing equipment lifecycle, and reducing energy consumption within a data centre. Airflow containment, brushes, grommets, blanking panels, and various other products allow for raised temperature set points, the potential to turn off cooling units, and adjust fan operating speeds. Reducing bypass air allows the available cool air to be fully utilized and directed as efficiently as possible from the source to the equipment.


The best airflow management solutions take a holistic approach. However, each incremental step still offers benefits allowing users to consider one portion at a time or an overall approach as they see fit. The main areas to consider for airflow management solutions can be separated into the room, the raised floor, the rack aisles, and the individual racks themselves.

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Airflow Containment Solutions

Rahi’s containment solutions maximize cooling system efficiency and effectiveness by reducing bypass air within the room, aisle, and/or rack. Airflow containment contributes to energy savings by enabling you to increase supply air and water temperature setpoints. It also protects sensitive equipment by eliminating hotspots while improving the running efficiency of the installed cooling systems.

Find Your Solution with Rahi

We offer row, rack or room-based containment solutions and our staff are expert in understanding airflow management within a data centre space. This is one area where there is a wide array of misinformation in the market and sometimes the simplest approach is the best one. Our containment specialists are available to help design a cost effective and workable solution to suit your needs.

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