Structured Cabling

Elevating technology globally is Rahi’s journey. Technology relies on connectivity to improve the efficiency, speed, and stability of networks. Structured cabling is the solid foundation on which these networks are built.

Ever-Evolving Technologies

Technology advances at such a rapid rate. We saw transmission speeds of networks increase from 10Mb to 10Gb in less than 10 years. This has now evolved to 40Gb and 100Gb. We see storage requirements expanding at staggering rates to support our insatiable desire for the convenience and automation technology can bring. The IoT (Internet of Things) has created a plethora of information to be measured, stored, analysed, and consumed.

At some point, all of this information travels across a fibre optic or copper cabling connection. We no longer accept poor connectivity or unreliable access. Data Centres seek 99.99999 (five nines) availability for power, highlighting the criticality of access to data. The same is expected of cabling infrastructure. A wise choice in the selection of products, and the design of systems, is critical to providing the best possible infrastructure to support your network.

Leave it to the Experts at Rahi

Rahi Australia has industry-leading experience in the knowledge and understanding of structured cabling systems to support your business needs. Our team is here to help you make the right decision as you consider functionality, flexibility, longevity, and budget. How long will you use your cabling system? 5 yrs? 10yrs? 20yrs? What should your blend of wired and wireless technology look like? Rahi has access to industry-leading products and welcomes the opportunity to help you make decisions that will provide you the best “fit for purpose” solution.


Reduced downtime

Simple to manage

Flexible – supports all low voltage systems

High return on investment – lifespan 20 yrs +

Low cost relative to network equipment and construction builds

Globally standardised performance capability

About Rahi

Rahi is a subsidiary of Wesco Distribution, a Fortune 200 Company with operations in 50+ countries and annual revenues over USD 19B. Rahi delivers comprehensive data centre solutions for global enterprises, hyperscalers, and multi-tenant data centres. Rahi provides IOR, local currency billing, and RMA services, enabling businesses to operate efficiently anywhere.
Since being acquired in Nov. 2022, Rahi’s global presence and analytical expertise help clients achieve their business and IT requirements.

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