Data Centre Lifters

Manual handling of data center equipment is risky. See how by using a handling machine, ServerLIFT products are a suitable, easy-to-use, zero-risk solution for you.


If your data centre employees are still manually moving servers, power supplies, and switches,
they are exposed to extremely high risks every day. Equipment damage and employee injury may occur at any time, which will bring you direct economic losses, and the possibility of getting involved in related legal litigation issues. ServerLIFT can help minimize the occurrence of these accidents. Therefore, it is necessary to have one ServerLIFT in your data centre. It can not only help improve the efficiency of data centre operations but also minimize the risk of data centre injuries and equipment damage.

Suitable for any data center
Applicable to any cabinet
Useable for any operator

One IT Equipment Lift - Three Essential Functions​

ServerLIFT is specifically built for data centres. It is currently the only server lifting product that integrates the following 3 functions in one.
Flexible Transport
Precise Positioning
Efficient Installation & Removal

About ServerLIFT

ServerLIFT was established in 2002 to meet the increasing demand for data centre security and efficiency. With its high emphasis on design and manufacturing integration, ServerLIFT has developed into a first-class provider of IT equipment handling solutions and has been recognized by numerous Fortune 100 companies.
With the goal of “Rack like a Pro” and “Safety First”, ServerLIFT serves customers around the world and strives to reduce the probability of work-related injuries in data centre handling tasks to zero, so that operation and maintenance personnel can avoid losses caused by traditional equipment handling.

Why Rahi?

As a global partner of ServerLIFT, Rahi’s data centre experts provide customers with the best industry-leading solution. We not only provide ServerLIFT equipment but also the certified technical support and post-sales service with follow-up and guidance throughout the entire process.

Manual handling of data centre equipment brings too much risk. If you consider investing in a server handling machine, ServerLIFT products are a suitable, easy-to-use, zero-risk solution for you.

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