Cyber Threat Assessment: A Crucial First Step to Improving Security

The odds that your organization will suffer a cyberattack are extremely high. In a recent Ponemon Institute study, 66 percent of global organizations reported a cyberattack within the preceding year. Increasingly, these attacks are carried out by highly organized and

Rahi Rolls Out New Brand to Better Reflect Who We Are as a Business

In 2012, we founded Rahi Systems with a vision of becoming a trusted source for the global delivery of IT solutions and services. The response of our customers and partners has been gratifying and humbling. Thanks to their support, Rahi now has

The Benefits of the Subscription Model for On-Premises IT Resources

The cloud has revolutionized the way IT resources are provisioned and consumed. By providing ready access to compute, storage, applications and more, the cloud helps organizations conserve capital and accelerate the time-to-value of their IT initiatives. But the cloud has not eliminated

The Three Pillars of Rahi’s Managed Services Methodology

Managed services have been popular among organizations of all sizes for many years. In essence, the managed services model allows you to outsource some or all of the maintenance, management and support of your AV/IT environment to a third-party provider. Within that

As the Pandemic Creates New Cyber Threats, a New Approach Is Needed

Anytime there’s a crisis, hackers take advantage of the opportunity to attack systems, spread malware, and dupe users into sharing their credentials. But the COVID-19 pandemic created an unprecedented situation as organizations transitioned overnight to work-from-home models. According to a

We Know Why Your Video Conference Won’t Stop Buffering & Other Productivity Challenges Explained)

Poor quality audio and video conference calls and digital meetings beset by technical issues are a huge productivity drain. While sometimes this may be a simple bandwidth issue, there are often underlying technical issues at play, such as a patchwork

Recap: TiECON 2020 Panel Offered Insight into Cloud Technology Trends

The Silicon Valley Chapter of TiE, The Indus Entrepreneurs, held its annual entrepreneurship conference in a virtual format Sept. 2-3. TiECON 2020 featured a slate of more than 220 speakers focusing on some of the hottest areas of technology and

Remote Monitoring and Management Delivers Bottom-Line Benefits

Almost all businesses today are deeply dependent on information technology, which is why studies consistently find that IT downtime can cost thousands of dollars per minute in lost revenues, opportunities and productivity. Given the stakes, practically every tech issue —

Well-Defined Cloud Strategy Helps Mitigate Challenges

Cloud services and applications have played a central role in enabling organizations to remain operational during the COVID-19 lockdown. More than 80 percent of organizations report they have accelerated cloud adoption to accommodate remote work requirements. Although the cloud delivers

Data Center Optimization Can Help Meet Reliability and Agility Demands

End-users aren’t the only ones working from home. Many IT staff are also doing their jobs remotely, making it imperative to find ways to manage and maintain data center infrastructure without going onsite. This comes at a time when highly

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