Helping Data Center providers with peace of mind in global deployments

Data Center providers are buying real estate at a rapid pace as demand for space continues to skyrocket. Of course, that’s only the first step. Building out a data center can be a long and complex process, requiring significant upfront


Has the race to cloud computing reached the edge?

Large Data Centers are being replaced by cloud computing, Edge computing can address the current increased demand for faster data processing.

The Business Benefits and Controversies of 5G

In our last post, we outlined the key features of the 5G standard. 5G is, of course, the next generation of mobile connectivity, offering much faster data rates compared to existing 4G technology, along with greater device density, lower latency,


Rahi Delivers IT Solutions and Services to the Philippines Market

Rahi has opened an office in the Philippines to deliver data center design and buildout services and comprehensive support.


How to Define a Comprehensive Enterprise Security Strategy

Learn the essentials you need to become familiar with to develop an effective enterprise security strategy using ZTNA, IAM, MDM, SDP and DLP.


IT Modernization: Where Do I Start?

Developing an IT modernization strategy is often a critical first step in a digital transformation (DX) initiative.


Taking Advantage of the Return-to-Office for IT Upgrades

Most organizations had to rush to shift to work-from-home models. Now, they’re taking a more strategic approach to the return-to-office process and IT Infrastructure. For many, there’s no real hurry. Because remote work has been so successful, organizations have the


Latin America: A Land of Opportunities

During the past years, Latin America has become an attractive region for investment and growing opportunities in the technology & IT market. Why are so many companies looking at Latam?


How Co-Managed IT Services is Changing the Rules of Organizations

Taking advantage of Co-managed IT Services Over the past two years, organizations have recognized bottlenecks and risks in their IT operations. Supporting a remote/hybrid workforce requires different tools and processes than supporting onsite users. Migration of on-premises workloads to the


MDR, EDR, and XDR: What’s the Difference?

Endpoint: the Start point of the Attacks Endpoints have become the focal point of many cyberattacks. Hackers are taking advantage of the fact that many users work outside the secure perimeter. They exploit vulnerable endpoints in this distributed environment to