The Right Security Tool: Why Does It Matter For Businesses?

The increasing volume and sophistication of cyber threats put organizations of all sizes at risk. To combat these threats, organizations must take a strategic approach to cybersecurity. However, many organizations lack effective information security governance that incorporates the needed policies, processes, and controls. 

Gartner defines security governance as a framework for prioritizing risks so that the efforts are focused on business priorities. Organizations that don’t utilize a governance framework cannot select the right technologies to address the most severe threats, ensure regulatory compliance and mitigate risks to the business.

It’s easy to understand why. Myriad options are available, including many ‘point’ solutions that address a specific security threat. Growing numbers of security tools generate vast alerts in many organizations, making it difficult to monitor the IT environment and detect security incidents.

Rahi’s Infrastructure Adoption for Security services transforms and modernizes the security environment to improve efficiency and manageability while addressing the latest threats. Based upon our ELEVATE framework, they encompass consulting, professional, and managed services to deliver a complete solution for protecting critical business and IT assets. 

The Seven Security Domains

We begin with assessing existing security controls across seven different domains and create a report covering the organization’s overall security posture and areas for improvement. The seven domains include:

  • The user domain covers corporate security policies, policy enforcement, and user training.
  • The workstation domain includes every endpoint device that connects to the network.
  • The LAN domain includes every device that makes up the wired and wireless LAN.
  • The LAN-to-WAN domain includes perimeter defenses that protect the internal corporate network.
  • The WAN domain covers all users, applications, and devices that connect to the corporate network from outside the secure perimeter.
  • The remote access domain includes VPNs and other remote access protocols and authentication controls.
  • The system and application domain covers operating systems and software.

Each of these domains could reveal potential security weaknesses. For example, older endpoint devices could have multiple vulnerabilities and be prone to failure and data loss. Misconfigured firewalls could expose the corporate network to Internet-borne threats, while hackers could exploit unpatched applications.

Rahi’s Infrastructure Adoption For Security Framework

We then conduct a four-week cyber threat assessment in which we monitor the network looking for malicious activity. Once the evaluation is complete, we deliver a threat intelligence briefing in which our experts advise executive and IT teams on developing a cybersecurity strategy.

In the planning phase, our experts help define an ecosystem for protection. Every IT environment is unique, so we base the selection of security tools on the organization’s specific strengths and weaknesses and tolerance for risk. We utilize a governance model to translate policy into controls, developing an architecture that focuses the right resources on each domain to strengthen the security posture and drive high-value business outcomes.

Once the desired solutions are identified, the Rahi team will work with the vendor to install and configure them according to corporate policies and prioritized risks. Our validation process includes high-level and detailed test cases to ensure optimal security and performance. Where artificial intelligence is used, we run the system for one week so it can “learn” what is “normal” for users, devices, and networks, then analyze its ability to visualize the network and detect threats.

Choosing the right security tools starts with developing the right strategy. Let Rahi’s experts assess your environment and develop a plan that meets your IT, and business objectives.

Let Rahi and Its Global Team Help You To  Select The Right Security Tools for Your Business Needs

Rahi can assist your organization with pen testing and the remediation of any vulnerabilities and threats that are identified. We can also help you utilize the findings to develop a sound security strategy, enabling you to make suitable investments and maximize the value of every dollar spent.

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