Almost all businesses today are deeply dependent on information technology, which is why studies consistently find that IT downtime can cost thousands of dollars per minute in lost revenues, opportunities and productivity. Given the stakes, practically every tech issue — from a crashed server to a forgotten password — is a full-blown emergency for somebody.

Time is of the essence, which is why the traditional break-fix service model no longer works for
most organizations. They simply can’t afford to wait for a service call when something goes wrong. The speed of business requires a more proactive approach.

That’s why remote management and monitoring (RMM) solutions have become indispensable. Rahi Systems uses these tools to gain real-time visibility into the IT infrastructure, allowing us to identify warning signs of potential problems and correct them before they disrupt operations.

Proactive Problem Resolution

RMM is one of the foundational elements of Rahi’s managed services practice. Our RMM solution allows us to ease the strain on our customers by monitoring, analyzing and optimizing performance across both wired and wireless networks, as well as public, private and hybrid cloud resources.

Our RMM tools generate data that allow us to prevent downtime and data loss rather than simply fixing things that break. With a team of level 1, 2 and 3 engineers monitoring customer systems 24x7x365 from our best-in-class Network Operations Center, we can detect and mitigate a broad range of hardware, software and connectivity issues — usually without dispatching a technician for an onsite visit.

RMM also allows us to automatically schedule maintenance tasks and take care of proactive maintenance such as operating system and security software updates, patch management, hard disk defragmentation and router configurations. Detailed performance reports can be customized and used to evaluate current network health, ensure security and regulatory compliance, and identify long-term trends.

New A/V Capabilities

We’ve recently expanded those capabilities to cover audio/visual (A/V) solutions such as conferencing systems, interactive whiteboards and more. A/V technology is an increasingly important business tool, particularly during the current pandemic when remote workforces depend on conferencing and collaboration solutions to work effectively.

Remote monitoring of A/V systems has typically been difficult because devices weren’t usually connected to an IP network. However, our solution leverages broadcast technologies to transmit data packets via IP protocols, allowing us to gain single-pane-of-glass visibility into these systems. This greatly enhances our ability to update and troubleshoot A/V systems without going on site.

These hands-off capabilities are particularly important in the COVID era. We can now remotely diagnose and resolve problems that previously would have required one or more technicians to be dispatched to the customer site. In some instances, technicians would be embedded with the customer for weeks or months. Remote service is a far more efficient use of manpower, and it drives down the customer’s cost for IT services.

However, there will always be instances that call for an on-site visit to diagnose issues and make repairs. That remains a central element of our managed services offering. In fact, our service is built on the following three-pillar platform:

Remote monitoring and management

  • 24x7x365 monitoring from the NOC
  • Proactive sweeps to verify system operations or remediate problems
  • Automated ticketing when an issue is detected
  • Automated firmware and software updates
  • Actionable analytics

Onsite technician presence

  • Embedded staff
  • Preventive maintenance sweeps
  • User support
  • Event Support

Network Operations Center

  • 24x7x365 operations
  • Level 1, 2 and 3 engineering support
  • Global presence

The business value of remote monitoring and management has never been greater. Network
outages, server failures and application errors are among the leading causes of business downtime. RMM delivers significant bottom-line benefits by reducing the risk of downtime with fast, efficient problem resolution. We’d welcome the opportunity to discuss your IT infrastructure challenges and how our remote services can help keep you up and running.

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