The Three Pillars of Rahi’s Managed Services Methodology

Managed services have been popular among organizations of all sizes for many years. In essence, the managed services model allows you to outsource some or all of the maintenance, management and support of your AV/IT environment to a third-party provider. Within that

Remote Monitoring and Management Delivers Bottom-Line Benefits

Almost all businesses today are deeply dependent on information technology, which is why studies consistently find that IT downtime can cost thousands of dollars per minute in lost revenues, opportunities and productivity. Given the stakes, practically every tech issue —

How to Deploy Smart Data Centre Infrastructure Management

Over the past decade, many organisations have deployed Data Centre Infrastructure Management (DCIM) platforms. This is software that captures the availability and performance metrics of the hybrid IT environment such as cloud infrastructure, servers, network devices, power and storage systems.

Get to Grips with Spares Management

A “spare” can be defined as any asset that is not in production, but that is available to use when needed. Its value is typically an asset on the books. Spares are distinct from “consumables”, which are relatively low-cost items

A 5-Step Approach to Building an Intelligent Edge

Many organizations have adopted a cloud-first IT strategy to improve the way they do business. Public, private and hybrid cloud platforms maximize efficiency while allowing IT staff to manage resources, save costs, increase scalability, streamline and coordinate data management, and

Software-Defined Application Delivery Controllers Provide Key Benefits

In our last post, we discussed how growing workload demands in enterprise data centers requires a new approach to application delivery controllers (ADCs). Traditional appliance-based ADCs are slow and costly to implement, difficult to manage, and lack the flexibility and

Overcoming the Drawbacks of Traditional Application Delivery Controllers

Half of all IT workloads still run in enterprise data centers and will continue to do so through at least 2021, according to the Uptime Institute’s Annual Data Center Survey for 2019. In fact, workload demands in enterprise data centers

Imagining the Data Center of the Future Today

What will the data center look like in 2019 and beyond? That’s one of the most pressing questions facing data center managers as the new year approaches. The IT environment continues to evolve rapidly to support changing business requirements, making

5 Winning Ways to Optimize Data Center Performance

It’s the start of the 2018 college football season, and student athletes across the country are working hard to optimize their performance. Proper diet, exercise and training help ensure they have the strength, stamina and skills to help their teams

Why the IoT Needs Out-of-Band Management

The Internet of Things (IoT) promises to revolutionize entire industries through greater efficiency, enhanced customer service and improved decision-making. Forward-thinking organizations are also developing new products, services and business models that leverage Internet-connected devices that gather data and operate autonomously.

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