The commercial A/V industry is growing at a fantastic rate. Products are becoming more affordable, which puts cutting-edge technology within reach of companies that might not otherwise have had the opportunity or desire to explore them. Armed with the support that integrators such as Rahi Systems provide, A/V technology has never been more accessible.

The value of working with Rahi Systems cannot be overstated. The growing diversity of A/V products makes it difficult for organizations to select solutions that will work well together and meet the organization’s needs with minimal headaches. Organizations that experiment with various products may wind up with a patchwork environment that is difficult to use, maintain, and support.

One of the services that Rahi Systems provides to its clients is the creation of A/V standards. This service is a cooperative effort between the sales team, engineering team, and the client to create a list of preferred equipment and guidelines for the installation of that equipment. Standards help to create continuity among the client’s various campuses and facilities and streamline many facets of the A/V integration process.

We customize A/V standards to the specific needs of each client. While smaller organizations may need only a general idea of the layout of each space, many enterprise clients will need very granular approved equipment lists and detailed installation guides based on computer-aided design (CAD) drawings. This allows high numbers of defined spaces, such as video conference rooms and all-hands areas, to be deployed efficiently and effectively. Other clients will request that A/V standards document compliance with increasingly stringent building codes and the Americans with Disabilities Act.

My role in this process is creating the CAD drawings that are used to define spaces for the client. I start with the list of approved equipment and required infrastructure, and take into account the size and type of each room, specific furniture types and layouts, and any special requests the client makes. Once the drawings are completed they can be added to any other design standard documents the client has requested.

The implementation of A/V standards can simplify all stages of an A/V project from initial sale to installation and configuration. It enables our sales team to precisely define the client’s needs for each project. For the engineering team, this greatly reduces the time required to vet equipment, as systems are already predetermined. The client can effectively schedule the deployment of hundreds of rooms across multiple floors, buildings, campuses, or even countries, knowing that there will be continuity and interoperability.

This doesn’t come without challenges, however. Keeping these standards current in a world of ever-changing technology can be tough. Another challenge is adhering to the standards in difficult circumstances, such as when a particular piece of equipment can’t be obtained. When we encounter such obstacles, we engage the client to ensure that we are providing the solution they require in a way that is compatible with the designed space.

In the fast-paced world of commercial A/V technology, simplifying and streamlining is key to any effective deployment. Rahi Systems’ innovative approach in creating A/V standards provides the framework for success in any A/V build.

Rick has spent five of his last eight years in the A/V industry providing CAD design services. He works in lock-step with our engineering team to create the visual implementations of their technical designs. Rick has worked hands-on in the field as an A/V technician, as well as in A/V logistics giving him a well-rounded experience of commercial A/V integration.

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