Taking Advantage of the Return-to-Office for IT Upgrades

Most organizations had to rush to shift to work-from-home models. Now, they’re taking a more strategic approach to the return-to-office process and IT Infrastructure. For many, there’s no real hurry. Because remote work has been so successful, organizations have the

How can a Workspace Utilization Analysis Enable a Safe Return to Work and Hybrid Work Model?

Why is Workspace Utilization Analysis more important now than ever before? Organizations need to understand how many people are using common areas, conference rooms, workspaces and other parts of the office environment. The objective is to control the number of

Proactive Maintenance and Support Maximizes the ROI of Your Audio & Video Systems

When organizations are looking to design and implement an A/V system, they seldom consider the long-term maintenance and management of the solution. They’re concerned about how the system is going to function — and, of course, the total cost of

Why You Need Audio & Video Specialists with Expertise in IT Systems

Not that long ago, audio and video components and IT systems were distinct elements of the corporate environment that intersected in only limited ways. Each had its own connectivity requirements and was administered by specialists who only understood their domain.

How 3-D Visualizations Augment the A/V Design Process

Working with A/V professionals to design your meeting space offers a number of benefits. People who specialize in A/V are going to be familiar with all the latest solutions and know what works in real-world environments. They can apply this

The Importance of Quality Value Engineering in the Design of A/V Solutions

In World War II, shortages of raw materials and components often forced manufacturers to look for substitutes. A couple of engineers at General Electric found that some substitutions resulted in a better product at a lower cost. This led them

Design Standards Help Ensure the Success of A/V Implementations

The commercial A/V industry is growing at a fantastic rate. Products are becoming more affordable, which puts cutting-edge technology within reach of companies that might not otherwise have had the opportunity or desire to explore them. Armed with the support

OLED or QLED: What Is the Future of Flat-Panel Displays?

If you were alive in the 1970s, you probably remember the videotape “format war” between Sony’s Betamax and JVC’s Video Home System (VHS). Betamax offered slightly higher picture resolution and better audio, but VHS was less expensive and provided longer

Cloud-Based Management of A/V Systems Keeps Meetings Running Smoothly

In many organizations, A/V equipment is becoming as mission-critical as IT equipment. These organizations are using video conferencing to enable collaboration among geographically dispersed teams, customers and business partners. Video conferencing reduces the time and expense of travel and enables

Tips for Getting High-Quality Audio in Your Conference Room

When designing a boardroom, conference room or training facility, organizations tend to focus on the video component. Video is sexy, and the ultra-high-definition displays on the market today can make it seem as if video conference participants are right there

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