Deploying and maintaining IT infrastructure on a global scale is challenging for even the largest enterprises. It’s difficult to build a network of reputable suppliers, and coordinate the tasks involved in getting the right products to the right location at the right time. On top of that, diverse regulations and tax considerations add a layer of complexity to an already complicated process.

All of that assumes that you have internal resources with the expertise needed to handle such a project. Ideally, the deployment team would include a project manager overseeing the implementation, with multiple facilitators handling discrete components of the project at each location. Also required are purchasing staff who can procure equipment across geopolitical boundaries, warehouse and logistics experts who can coordinate the warehousing and shipping of the equipment, and IT personnel who can configure and install the equipment when it arrives onsite. For very large implementations, there might be multiple deployment teams overseen by a program manager.

Effective project management is critically important. The project manager’s role is to ensure that the implementation proceeds on time and on budget, and that all project requirements are met. The project manager is also responsible for facilitating communication across implementation teams and resolving any issues that involve multiple project functions. If the project manager is inexperienced or overburdened, the likelihood of delays and cost overruns increases sharply. That in turn leads to business disruption and lost revenue.

Working with an experienced technology provider with a global reach can remove much of this complexity. Rahi Systems, for example, has developed a suite of international logistics services that have been proven across multiple projects. We can handle global implementations from end to end, so your personnel can remain focused on day-to-day operations.

Our project managers have overseen large-scale deployments for some of the world’s best-known brands. Our engineers and technicians have expertise in a wide range technology solutions, and can handle all aspects of the project from design through implementation. We also provide a full suite of logistics services, including product assembly, packaging, tracking and security.

A key benefit of partnering with Rahi is our ability to serve as the single-source supplier for your project. With offices on five continents and strong relationships with top distributors, Rahi can assist with the import and export of enterprise-class technology products to countries around the world.  Our approach is designed to ensure orders are processed rapidly and delivered on time while complying with all regulatory requirements.

We can serve as the importer of record, handling all the paperwork and ensuring compliance with local laws and regulations. Our team has extensive experience working through complex trade restrictions, taxation and other red tape associated with importing technology solutions. We can also provide invoices in local currency, and handle product returns locally as well.

A global economy presents both opportunities and challenges when it comes to technology deployments. Without an experienced team, organizations risk IT project failures that can negatively impact their operations. Rahi Systems has developed proven logistics services and a global IT supply chain that can facilitate the delivery and implementation of IT equipment in locations around the world.



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