Rahi’s presence in Taiwan

On December 3rd, 2021, Rahi celebrated its official Taipei office opening in Songshan District, Taipei. Rahi Taiwan team invited some enterprise customers and well-known IT vendor partners to the opening party. Rahi’s CEO, CTO, COO, CFO, and other executive leaders from headquarters and the APAC region also joined the event “virtually” to greet them. 

Rahi’s leadership team interacting with people at the Rahi Taipei office opening party

In addition to the new office tour, the Rahi team also presented some cutting-edge audio and video conferencing solutions, featuring demo products from Neat, DTEN, Logitech, Poly, and Jabra. 

Rahi Taiwan team presents audio/video solutions

Growing the presence in the Taiwan IT market

In 2012, Rahi was founded in Fremont, USA; In 2017, Rahi Taiwan team was established; in 2020, Rahi acquired Taiwan-based IT solutions company Herpin Communications. Up to date, Rahi Taiwan has more than 30 members who can provide full-circle IT solutions, local engineering, and IT support.

Tarun meeting Rahi Taiwan team in 2019
Rahi Taiwan team celebrates its new office opening in 2021

Rahi’s core value

On the Zoom call, Tarun Raisoni, CEO & Co-founder of Rahi, explained the meaning behind “Rahi” and their core values. In Hindi, “Rahi” means “one that travels on a meaningful journey.” Rahi has always been a “People Company,” keeping three main focuses in mind: customers, partners, and the Rahi team. To achieve success, we know these three are always interconnected and indispensable. 

Rahi’s leadership team interacting with people at the Rahi Taipei office opening party

Meeting the global IT needs

Rahi’s CTO, Matt Robinson, has been in the technology industry for 30 years, most recently as head of partner engineering at Google Cloud. He now leads the development of Rahi’s cloud services, which will leverage Rahi’s proven ability to deliver cost-effective and efficient data center infrastructure solutions. Matt mentioned that the cloud is also becoming an important part of Rahi Taiwan’s business strategy. In the future, they will continue developing, designing, deploying comprehensive solutions, allowing local companies to effectively make the most of their cloud and on-premise data center environments to achieve business goals. 

Vivian Qi, VP of Sales, Greater China, said: 

“Herpin’s expertise lay in mostly cabling and light current systems. After the acquisition, our Taiwan team has combined advantages from both sides. At present, Rahi can deliver data center, audio & video solutions locally and solve the enterprise’s problems. With warehouses, offices, and integration centers across six continents, Rahi can meet your IT needs that come with overseas business expansion. If you do have those needs, please feel free to contact us!”

The event was well-received by the guests with positive feedback. They expressed that they were happy to learn more about how Rahi can help them solve common IT challenges through industry-leading technologies. 

Jedi Chang from CECI Engineering congrats Johnny and Teresa for Rahi Taiwan’s success

Jedi Chang, Deputy Manager of Engineering at CECI Engineering Consultants wrote on his personal Linkedin:

“Congratulations to Johnny and Teresa for their new office opening. I am very happy for you. After the acquisition, we can see that the company has grown so much. Thank you for the invitation. I couldn’t be happier to see you succeed!”

Customer joins Rahi in celebration of the new office opening

The sweet aftertaste of a project

After the event, all guests received a box of chocolates carefully selected by the Rahi Taiwan team as souvenirs. Teresa Chu explained the meaning behind this gift: 

“We chose dark sliced chocolates for a reason. Like these chocolates, every project is complex but always comes with a sweet aftertaste. I also think these chocolates are metaphors themselves. Just like the protagonist from Hongkong movie God of Gamblers – I wish all of you the same luck and success when you have a slice of chocolate.”

“Customer First” has always been one of Rahi’s core values. As Johnny Lin said, “Rahi Taiwan team will continue to serve with the enthusiastic can-do attitude, as well as keep learning and receiving advice with humility.”

About Rahi

Rahi is a subsidiary of Wesco Distribution, a Fortune 200 Company with operations in 50+ countries and annual revenues over USD 19B. Rahi delivers comprehensive data centre solutions for global enterprises, hyperscalers, and multi-tenant data centres. Rahi provides IOR, local currency billing, and RMA services, enabling businesses to operate efficiently anywhere.
Since being acquired in Nov. 2022, Rahi’s global presence and analytical expertise help clients achieve their business and IT requirements.

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