Power & Cooling trends at top as the top challenges faced by almost all Data Center Operations & Management professionals.

Did you ever analyse how much power is consumed by each power hawks in the Data center. Numbers are really alarming reason being compute & storage alone consumes roughly about 50% of allocated DC power.

We also see that Data Center dynamics is changing from low density capacity of 3-4 KW per rack to mid density of7KW or even 22KW with 3 phase power. Cost of power is also shooting sky high day by day. Considering all this, Each of us are striving to have a Energy efficient, Lights-out & Greenest possible DC. However the real question is, have we ever attempted any steps in bringing in efficiency measures.

First and foremost step when we think of efficiency is to understand and monitor current state of Data Center with respect to Power consumption of Active IT products in Data Center.

Have you ever come across following situations while managing your DC.

  1. Dilemma created while provisioning a new server or storage due to lack of insight on current power consumption of a specific rack.
  2. Have you ever tried your luck by adding a server into a rack without analysing its current load state and unfortunately leading to power tripping of entire rack.
  3. Have you ever used adhoc energy inline meter to do capacity planning calling for a downtime to connect it to power lines.
  4. Is your staff visiting Data Center just to reboot unresponding servers. If yes, how many trips a day or week.
  5. Have you come across a situation where server is idle, it was soft powered off, but Admin needs to visit DC to power on manually.
  6. How accurate is your thermal graph in the aisle considering sensor placed points.
  7. Is your support staff entering DC just to update instantaneous power consumption every hour on a spreadsheet printout.

The best way to address all above is to migrate from non-intelligent Power Distribution Unit (PDU) to Intelligent Power Distribution Unit.

Few of the highlights of having a intelligent PDU.

  1. Accurate capacity planning with power consumed and power available details available locally and remotely.
  2. Intelligent bank wise power distribution, In event of over current, only the respective outlet or set of outlets will be affected not the entire rack.
  3. Fixed and always available solution to monitor power consumption.
  4. Remote power control capabilities to turn OFF, ON, REBOOT resulting in better SLA.
  5. On-demand or Scheduled power control possible.
  6. Current and historic power consumption trends for better understanding how DC evolved over a period of time.
  7. Add on sensor attachments for accurate Temperature & Humidity monitoring.


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