When businesses grow they also need to pay attention to managing their data servers. Owning and operating a data center can be capital-intensive. Organizations that expand to keep up with the market’s demands soon realize the amount of money spent in managing their data centers, far exceeds their budgets. A Commercial Real Estate Services (CBRE) study published in 2015 showed the average cost to build and operate a 5MegaWatt data center over a 10-year-period, was $270 million.

Given the challenges of growing business needs and the changing digital regulations; enterprises are quickly realizing their core competencies are not in running and maintaining an optimal data center.

Outsourcing data center management to experts is a trend that is spiking. According to BusinessWire, data center outsourcing market is estimated to grow at a Compound Annual Growth Rate (CAGR) of 5.03% from 2016 to 2021. Businesses are quickly learning that data center outsourcing is a great way to realign IT with business objectives in the most cost-effective manner. Here are some benefits of outsourcing data center management:

  • Reduced costs in IT operations, power and cooling management
  • Access to specific IT skills not found in standard IT departments
  • Shared resources in facilities managers, security, engineers and other technical staff
  • Predictable costs facilitate better budget control.

Rahi Systems provides a suite of end-to-end data center services with additional storage, security and disaster management solutions. We are global in our presence and can give you the advantage of localized data centers and their management.

Trusting someone with your operations and data can be nerve-racking. But finding the right data center solutions provider can optimize your business operations. A recent survey by Forbes mentioned that most IT leaders of Fortune 500 companies prefer an outsourced data center over an in-house operation.

Data Center companies capitalize on economies of scale by building out tens of megawatts at a time. The total capital expenses are spread over a larger number of megawatts, thereby lowering the effective cost per megawatt built. Some operators claim they can develop operational capacity near or below $10 million per megawatt, whereas enterprise costs can be double that.

It is crucial to keep these in mind when looking for a data center solutions provider:

Expertise: The data center solutions provider must have a proven track record of managing various business needs across geographies. The solutions provider must offer optimal solutions based on the location, relevant regulations, and your business goals. Learn more about Rahi Global Services.

Reliability: Choose a data center that has Uninterrupted Power Supplies (UPS) and backup generators to keep your servers online even through the worst disasters

Security: The speed and complexity of data center-based applications can create a wealth of opportunities but it can also be an enticing target for hacking. Cloud/Security-as-a-Service offers the agility to operate in highly demanding environments. The best data centers have around the clock on-site security staff. Also, make sure the data center’s up-to-date software security is implementing polices to protect your data. Here’s how Rahi Systems protects data: Rahi Managed Services.

Scalability: Be sure to clearly communicate your business needs/ priorities and ask if the data center can meet them over a period of time. A good data center service provider should be able to give you a scalable plan with reduced costs, to keep up with your dynamic business.

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