The global market for audio/visual technologies has grown rapidly as organizations seek to support remote and hybrid work models. Technavio expects the pro A/V market to see a compound annual growth rate of 7.31 percent through 2025, with 41 percent of that growth contributed by the Asia-Pacific region.

In Australia, organizations are shrinking their office space footprint and dedicating more space to meeting rooms. In the past, most offices had 80 percent workspace and 20 percent meetings rooms. Now many have 70 percent meeting rooms and 30 percent workspace. Most people are coming to the office to work collaboratively.

However, a recent survey found that eight in 10 meeting rooms in Australia are not A/V enabled. Australian organizations still have a lot of opportunities to enhance the collaboration experience. 

Modern A/V technologies are IP network-enabled, making them more flexible, scalable, manageable, and cost-efficient than legacy solutions. However, A/V and IT convergence come with new challenges, including network bandwidth and latency.

Diverse Expertise Needed

In many cases, organizations need to upgrade the IT infrastructure to support the increased use of audio and video conferencing, digital signage, and other A/V technologies. And as more meeting rooms are added, organizations must extend the network to accommodate them.

Rahi is uniquely positioned to help organizations in Australia implement a strong IT infrastructure and the A/V technologies that sit on top of it. It starts with network cabling to an A/V front end, with distributed speakers, cameras, microphones and displays all on one system. Our network engineers can then design and implement the routing and switching infrastructure to ensure that the network has the performance needed for both business applications and A/V technologies.

Of course, Rahi is noted for its team of A/V specialists. We have experience deploying thousands of A/V products in countless meeting rooms, board rooms, all-hands spaces, and other facilities globally. This experience level helps us meet our customers’ needs efficiently and cost-effectively with minimal risk.

Benefits of a Global Team

One of our strengths is our global footprint. When we come across a tricky problem in Australia, we can call on knowledgeable colleagues in India, the U.S., or Europe to help us solve it. No individual can have expertise in all the products that have to interconnect in a complex implementation, and we come across challenges in the field that the manufacturers haven’t encountered. The Rahi team is constantly finding new solutions to problems so customers get a seamless A/V experience.

We’re still facing some challenges with stock availability. Customers have been waiting for products for up to 12 months. But they are willing to wait that period, which shows how important it is for organizations to deploy flexible working and collaborative meeting areas within their businesses.

Staying Ahead

In A/V new products are always being introduced, and the products we are deploying now constantly require updates. The Rahi team tries to stay ahead of the trends in A/V because things move very quickly. It seems like there has been five years of innovation in the A/V space in the last 12 months. It is important for us to be familiar with emerging products so that we can help our customers evaluate and take advantage of them.

Rahi serves all five states in Australia and is here to support the growing deployment of A/V nationally. We’re also helping our global customers deploy within Australia. We are seeing the growth of A/V and IT as meeting rooms are deployed rapidly. Rahi is here to help Australian organizations take advantage of the benefits of A/V.

Luke Oliver

Luke Oliver is the IT/AV and Emerging Technologies Manager at Rahi. Luke Comes to Rahi as a highly-skilled Audio-visual technology & innovation leader, entrepreneur, director, and investor. Previously managing business teams to achieve sophisticated results, providing expertise across various industries, including Corporate and Government, Educational Institutions. Luke is also an active member in the AVIXA AV community and Program Director at Bondi Radio, He is inspired by the forefront of technology which can help transform business and personal life.

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