Cloud or Colo? Why not both?

Every organization seeks to derive maximum value from its data, whether it’s to enhance the customer experience, improve decision-making or create competitive advantages. At the same time, there is a cost to storing and managing data, a cost that only

Data Center Cooling Technologies That Improve IT Efficiency And Save Costs

Staying cool in the summer is at the top of everybody’s list. The same is true for data centers. Data centers have an insatiable appetite for power. They need massive amounts of power for running and cooling their facilities. Think

Efficient Cooling of the Data Center

In October, I was thrilled to join Rahi Systems as a Director of Sales, heading up data center power and cooling solutions. I’ve spent a significant portion of my career to date working with Fortune 100 companies, first in New

Basic Of Data Center Cooling

Heat: Waste Product IT equipment consumes electricity to operate and leaves behind heat as its “waste product.” Because the data center is an enclosed facility, this heat—if not given an outlet—can build to the point that it damage or destroys servers and