Every organization seeks to derive maximum value from its data, whether it’s to enhance the customer experience, improve decision-making or create competitive advantages. At the same time, there is a cost to storing and managing data, a cost that only increases as the volume of data grows.

This leads many organizations to question whether they should deploy their data in the cloud or in a colocation facility. In most cases, the answer is “both” — the key is to choose the optimum platform based upon cost, security and other factors.

Many organizations move to the cloud because it’s relatively easy. With just a few clicks they can gain access to enterprise-class infrastructure that would take months or even years to build out on-premises. They also get an environment that is more flexible and scalable while saving significant capital and operational expenses. It seems like the ideal solution.

But when the bills for cloud services start rolling in month after month, many business executives begin to question whether the cloud is the best solution. They wonder if it makes more sense to put applications and data in a colocation facility instead.

Well, colocation is essentially the same as an on-premises environment except that you’re renting the space, power, cooling and physical infrastructure. You still have to manage the IT equipment, and relatively few organizations can do that with the same kind of efficiency as a cloud provider. The IT team is left to wonder how they’re going to build and operate an environment that delivers the kind of performance, availability and scalability that you can get in the public cloud.

That’s where Rahi Systems can help. Our team has expertise across cloud, colo, and on-premises environments and can assist organizations in the selection of the right platforms to meet their business and IT requirements. We typically start with a full physical inventory of the existing IT equipment — the servers, storage, and network gear — and an assessment of the on-premises IT architecture. We also identify which applications are currently running in the cloud.

In addition to the technical assessment, we can perform a financial and ROI analysis. We help customers understand their cloud versus on-premises spend and do a side-by-side comparison. This helps us determine the best mix of cloud and on-premises services.

Our cloud team can then assist with the design and implementation of the cloud platform, and the migration of applications and data. If services need to stay on-premises, our data center infrastructure team can handle the buildout of additional data center space if needed, and the deployment of industry-leading IT solutions. We can also move applications out of the cloud and back into on-prem facilities or local points of presence.

All of this is done by Rahi’s in-house team — we don’t outsource to third parties. And we are able to do this globally through our strategic locations in North America, Europe, and the Asia-Pacific region.

Cloud versus colo is seldom an either-or proposition. Most organizations will use a mix a both. The larger question is how technology can help the organization maximize the value of its data. Rahi can help you determine the best way to do that.

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