Data Centre IT

Rahi’s comprehensive suite of solutions and services helps you optimize cooling, reduce power consumption, monitor and manage your environment, and readily scale as demands increase. Our solutions for compute, storage, and networking allow you to meet your business and IT objectives.

Rahi provides cost-effective and customized storage solutions customized to your needs to help you maximize your valuable time, money, or your competitive edge.


Rahi maximizes your technology resources investments by advancing the global delivery of vital compute services by creating a more agile, flexible, and cost-effective IT environment.

Software-Defined Data Centre

Rahi helps you choose the right solution for your environment and implement a solution that allows data centre administrators to deploy virtual machines, assign storage and configure networks through a single graphical user interface.


Are you thinking about modernizing your data centre? Want to scale your applications horizontally and vertically? Is multi-cloud adoption in your roadmap? Rahi offers a whole variety of solutions and services in this space.

About Rahi
Rahi Australia is a 100% subsidiary of Rahi Systems Holdings, based in Silicon Valley, California, USA. We offers a suite of solutions and services that maximize today’s integrated environment’s performance, scalability, and efficiency. We help ensure users have access to the devices and software they need and provide state-of-the-art equipment that enables effective communication and collaboration.
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