Most organizations could be more productive. Many business processes and workflows have bottlenecks that impede the productivity of individual employees and the organization as a whole. Given that “productivity” is defined as “yielding results, benefits or profits,” it becomes clear that “improving productivity” should be an operational imperative. But how do you achieve that objective?

A new Techaisle study of small to midsize (SMB) business leaders finds a close correlation between productivity and technology. When asked how technology can be used to improve business processes, 57 percent said that it enables automation while just over 50 percent said it helps to coordinate activities across functional areas.

Specific technologies were cited as having a beneficial effect on productivity. In 62 percent of SMBs, the top three benefits of mobility are improving employee workflows, enhancing internal business operations and improving communications. Communication and collaboration also improve productivity and enable faster decision-making. Cloud computing is seen as increasing collaboration, enabling mobility and improving productivity overall.

All of these technologies — mobile, collaboration and the cloud — are tightly intertwined. It’s the integrated environment that gives employees the collaboration tools, applications and connectivity they need to become more productive.

In our last post we introduced the concept of the integrated environment and discussed how it optimizes IT operations and the user experience. Its focus is on empowering users with the information and tools they need to work more efficiently, serve customers betters, and respond rapidly to changing market conditions. That’s because productivity isn’t just doing more with less — it’s doing things more effectively.

Getting there isn’t easy. The Techaisle study found that productivity-enhancing technologies do not uniformly benefit organizations. Those that are most advanced in their IT capabilities are more than twice as likely to see productivity improvements as those organizations that are least advanced. The most sophisticated organizations have not only implemented key technologies but developed a strategic approach that enables real improvements in productivity.

According to Techaisle, organizations need a trusted advisor who can guide them toward the right technology investments and help them take full advantage of productivity-enhancing solutions. Rahi Systems is uniquely qualified for this role.

Our team has expertise across the integrated environment, from conferencing and collaboration tools to cloud and mobile apps to all of the cloud and on-premises infrastructure that makes it all work together seamlessly. We also have highly refined logistical processes for provisioning, configuring and delivering endpoint devices, on-boarding new users, and replacing devices when they fail.

Most importantly, the Rahi team has the proven ability to help organizations develop and implement a workplace strategy that empowers productivity. We help organizations optimize the IT environment to minimize downtime, reduce operational overhead and respond to changing business requirements.

In today’s fast-paced, hyper-competitive business environment, the right technology investments can yield productivity gains that give you the competitive edge. Let Rahi Systems help you select and implement the right tools to improve communication, accelerate decision-making and make your team more effective.

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