The cloud has revolutionized the way IT resources are provisioned and consumed. By providing ready access to compute, storage, applications and more, the cloud helps organizations conserve capital and accelerate the time-to-value of their IT initiatives.

But the cloud has not eliminated IT investments. Organizations still need on-premises networking and security hardware, as well as audio/visual and collaboration tools. Procuring, implementing and managing these assets adds significant operational overhead. What’s more, organizations have to forecast their IT requirements for the next three to five years and pay upfront for that much capacity. IT budget is tied up in depreciating equipment.

These challenges have spurred demand for subscription-based procurement of on-premises infrastructure. In this model, organizations pay a set monthly or annual fee for the use of equipment and software that is implemented onsite. Unlike a traditional lease, the subscription model offers a variety of end-of-contract disposition options that eliminate long depreciation cycles. Some contracts include built-in upgrades that keep equipment up-to-date.

Flexibility, Agility and Expertise

A primary benefit of the cloud is the ability to scale up or down as needed. The subscription model allows for similar agility — you can add resources to support business growth or reduce capacity to save costs. This makes it possible to better align the IT budget with business requirements.

Shifting IT procurement to the opex side of the ledger can be beneficial as well. IT can move forward with initiatives without long capital approval processes and try new solutions with less risk. There may even be tax advantages.

Best-in-class subscriptions allow you to bundle hardware and software from multiple vendors into the contract. This allows you to design a custom solution that precisely meets your business requirements. Some contracts also incorporate all the services you need to implement and manage the solution long-term. This helps to reduce costs, increase IT efficiency, fill skills gaps and enable in-house IT teams to take on a more strategic role.

Introducing ESS by Rahi

Rahi recently launched a subscription-based technology framework covering networking, security, A/V and collaboration. Elevate Subscription Services (ESS) by Rahi brings together hardware, software, implementation, and professional and managed services in a unique, turnkey offering. It is designed to deliver flexibility, agility and scalability without the need for upfront investment or lease contracts.

Key solutions in ESS by Rahi include:

  • Wired and wireless networks
  • Security, including zero trust
  • A/V and collaboration tools
  • Connectivity, power and thermal infrastructure

ESS by Rahi allows customers to scale capacity up or down to meet changing business and IT requirements. Rahi also understands the challenges associated with implementing complex infrastructure. Leveraging its extensive industry experience, Rahi streamlines setup and deployment for the duration of the subscription and provides managed services and support through our 24×7 Network Operations Center.

Most vendors that offer subscription-based procurement require a three-year commitment. With its one-year, elastic framework, ESS by Rahi is a true subscription model that will improve IT efficiencies by 25 percent and reduce costs by 30 percent on average each fiscal year. ESS by Rahi was developed in collaboration with a select group of globally known brands that form part of Rahi’s extensive, vendor-neutral partner ecosystem. We offer solutions from Cisco, HPE, Juniper, Logitech, Microsoft, Palo Alto and Zoom, among others, through our subscription Model.

While the cloud has forever altered the consumption of IT resources, the enterprise campus infrastructure has remained static and hardware-focused. ESS by Rahi provides a true subscription-based, scale-up or scale-down model that provides cloud-like agility for the on-premises environment.

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