Global Deployment and Management

Rahi is uniquely qualified to optimize the deployment and management of A/V systems across your facilities — whether within a single building or distributed around the world. We can help you develop A/V standards for all your meeting spaces, which

User Experience

The quality of the user experience determines the success or failure of any A/V project. A/V shouldn’t be a barrier to productivity. Intuitive controls allow any user to easily set up a meeting, operate A/V components, and adjust lighting and

Audio and Video Distribution

Many clients need to deliver video to multiple digital signs. Others want to have background audio in various areas of their facility. Rahi can help you put audio and video on the network, where it can be centrally managed, controlled,


Audio is an important yet often overlooked element of any A/V experience. Smooth surfaces, such as glass, create an echo effect while fabric and wood absorb sound to create a better acoustic environment. Our team can help you make logical

Video Conferencing Platforms

Rahi knows there isn’t a single solution that works best for every use case, so we take the time to understand the current environment and projected growth. We then help you develop an A/V roadmap and determine what the best