FlexIT Pod Maximizes Efficiency with Integrated In-Row Cooling System

Fremont, Calif. — August 28, 2017 — Rahi Systems has introduced FlexIT Pod, a self-contained unit that incorporates all of the components needed to build out data center infrastructure. Unique to the solution is a 900-millimeter chilled water in-row cooler (IRC), that offers maximum cooling efficiency in a small footprint.

In a traditional data center cooling design, a CRAC (computer room air conditioning) unit distributes cold air throughout the facility. As data center densities have increased, however, CRAC units increase energy costs and may not adequately cool the IT equipment.  The fully enclosed FlexIT POD’s IRC focuses cold air on the equipment inside the unit, ensuring proper operational temperature.

“Our 900-millimeter IRC has the capacity to cool upwards of 100kW of data center load, depending on the temperature of the chilled water,” said Paul Weber, VP of Engineering, Rahi Systems. “It’s the only 900-millimeter unit on the market of which we’re aware. While you can combine multiple smaller units to get the same cooling capacity, you will need additional mechanical hookups and chilled water lines, and you have more systems that could leak or break down. Our 900-millimeter IRC offers the right balance of efficiency and simplicity.”

Rahi manufacturers each FlexIT Pod to the customer’s specifications.  The solution includes an aisle-containment system to optimize the flow of cold air to the IT equipment, and incorporates racks and/or cabinets in various sizes. The components are delivered to the customer’s data center for easy onsite assembly.

“The FlexIT Pod makes it possible to implement highly efficient data center infrastructure quickly and easily, reducing costs, increasing agility and accelerating the time-to-value of IT initiatives,” said Ken Kiernan, Director of Power and Cooling, Rahi Systems. “It’s also great for lab environments and any other situation where you need a self-contained data center environment with optimized cooling.”

Rahi’s FlexIT product line includes the FlexIT Mini Data Center, FlexIT Modular Data Center, FlexIT OIB (Office-in-a-Box) Rack and FlexIT Series R Server. All FlexIT products are pre-engineered and integrated to enable rapid deployment and operational efficiency.


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