Ireland is cool in its climate and hence it is a hot property for data centers. Data servers need to be kept cool and that is much cheaper to do if the average temperature is between 40-60° F year round. Many tech conglomerates view Ireland’s climate perfectly conducive to a data center’s cooling needs. The crisp ambience lends itself really well, so there is less conditioning needed for data center use. That just implies better cost effectiveness and power usage effectiveness.

Leveraging Ireland’s inherent climate is only one of the reasons why it is the new hotspot for the ever-growing list of tech giants such as Google, Facebook, Microsoft, Amazon, Apple, IBM among others. Here are some market competitive reasons:

  • Low Tax Rate:Ireland has the lowest tax rate in the entire European Union (EU) at 12.5% corporation tax rate.
  • Reasonable Real Estate:Real estate is cheaper than in London. Plus many of the internet and technology companies are already here! This could signal other companies to follow the lead.
  • Ireland’s Affinity to Foreign Direct Investment:A majority of the tech behemoths have major operational bases in Ireland with many having their European headquarters and data centers located here. Also Ireland’s Industrial Development Authority (IDA), a state run organization supports companies financially and administratively when setting up operations in Ireland and provides continued support for companies based in its country.
  • Security/ Regulations:There is a growing need to focus on data privacy and data-protection for international data transfers. Based on what the international courts decide and the push towards keeping European data within Given the number of such advocates based in Ireland, having an Irish data center is crucial.
  • Sustainable Power Supply & Broadband Connection:Ireland seems to be able to provide the power needed for running these power-hungry data centers, along with some power to spare! Tech companies value this greatly as it does away with all the data loss challenges with interrupted power and broadband connectivity.
  • English-speaking Younger Demographics:Ireland is the only country in the EU that has an English speaking majority. Plus 40% of Irish people aged between 25 and 34 have completed university education, with a large number specialized in Information Technology.

With global tech leaders exploring avenues in Ireland, Rahi Systems seized the opportunity to provide data center support and opened its second office in Limerick, Ireland. Rahi has secured key enterprise business not just among global companies but also companies native to Ireland with customized data center solutions.

The above picture was taken during the official opening of Rahi Systems, Ireland office at The National Technology Park (L-R) Mary-Ann Ryan, European Inside Sales Manager, Marcus Doran, Director of Sales Rahi Europe, Tom Neville TD, Member of Irish Parliament

“Rahi Systems is a data center solutions provider. We work with our customers to understand their needs and provide what is right for their business,” said Marcus Doran, Director of Sales for Rahi Europe. “We offer state-of-the-art infrastructure solutions from leading vendors to improve the customer’s IT efficiency in their business.”

The new office is strategically located in the South West of Ireland, servicing Rahi’s technology and financial sector customers in Ireland. Rahi Systems has built a network of local integration facilities, in-house logistics and import clearing facilities that spans across five continents. Through its physical presence and network of strategic partners, Rahi Systems reduces the cost, complexity and risk of global data center deployments and enables customers to purchase technology solutions locally from a single provider.


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