Efficient Units Deliver Higher Capacity to Address Today’s Heat Loads

Fremont, Calif. — August 11, 2017 — Rahi Systems today announced the availability of new in-row cooling units that provide maximum performance in a small footprint. Designed for midsize to large data center environments, the units feature an innovative design that delivers three times greater efficiency than other in-row cooling products on the market today.

The in-row cooling units are available in 600mm and 900mm widths with the capacity to cool more than 100kW of IT load. Their 1200mm depth makes them compatible with cabinets used in today’s high-density data centers.

“When designing this product, our engineering team paid attention to the form and fit of the product and the ease of installation. Our in-row cooling units can be installed in less than a day, and provide a uniform look in the data center,” said Paul Weber, VP of Engineering. “We used only the highest quality components to achieve the best possible performance for our customers.”

The in-row cooling units are available in condenser water, chilled water and DX air- and water-cooled configurations to meet a wide range of needs. They include a wall of up to 18 variable-speed, electronically commutated (EC) fans that drive uniform airflow across data center cabinets. Redundant single- and three-phase automatic transfer switches, hot-swappable fans, and the ability to continue operating at reduced capacity in the event of a water chiller or compressor failure make the units highly reliable.

An intuitive touchscreen interface features Flex Management software that uses machine learning and artificial intelligence to manage and balance cooling capacity according to shifts in the IT workload. The intelligent control panel allows multiple units to work together to maximize efficiency.

“Our global footprint enables us to deliver these products in multiple geographies. With our team of partners and mechanical engineering contractors, we offer customers fast installation and post-sales maintenance services,” said Marcus Doran, GM for Rahi Europe.

The in-row cooling units are generally available today and marketed under Rahi’s Enconnex brand. Rahi Systems has already completed four major customer deployments with its in-row cooling product portfolio.

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