Fremont, California March 24th – Rahi Systems and ServerLIFT Corporation announce their partnership to distribute ServerLIFT products in South East Asia.

ServerLIFT Corporation, a premier manufacturer of automated lifts, today entered into a master distributorship agreement with Rahi Systems for the South East Asia Region; India, Bangladesh, Sri Lanka and other neighboring countries.

As part of the agreement, Rahi Systems will provide inventory, support, and services for both customers and partners.   This will help broaden the customer base for ServerLIFT and its partners.

ServerLIFT products on average, help reduce the installation time of equipment by at least 40%, reduce workplace injuries and ensure that IT assets are installed and operated correctly. Customers of ServerLIFT have enjoyed the excellent quality and automation provided by ServerLIFT products.

Rahi Systems brings a strong presence in the South East Asian region, providing broad support for existing as well as new customers of ServerLIFT to help engage, maintain and service ServerLIFT Equipment. Along with with its complete Data Center Solutions and Services, customers can benefit by utilizing Rahi Systems’ resources for quicker and faster deployment of their Data Centers.

“Supporting our customers in the South East Asia region with a full set of Data Center Solutions is an important part of our business. ServerLIFT enables our team to help our customers deliver Data Center deployments faster and in a more effective automated way. As the Internet user base continues to grow in South East Asia, we expect to see more and more requirements from customers to help enable Data Centers.” said Sushil Goyal, Managing Director, Rahi Systems APAC.

“South East Asia is an important growth area for ServerLIFT. Our distributorship agreement with Rahi Systems brings in a strong presence for ServerLIFT and provides our customers the ability to leverage local inventory, installation expertise and services. ServerLIFT designs and builds products to help our customers with faster installation and reduce workplace injuries. Safety and reliability of installing IT equipment is extremely important in the design of our products.” said Steve Bashkin, Director of Sales, ServerLIFT.

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About ServerLIFT:

ServerLIFT Corporation was founded in 2002 in response to a growing demand for a safe and efficient way to handle servers and other IT equipment in the data center. With a strong focus on the integration of design and manufacturing across the value chain, we have grown to become the premier provider of IT Equipment Handling Solutions.

About Rahi Systems:

Rahi Systems, a Data Center Solutions provider, offers a full suite of Data Center Solutions. Rahi Systems helps organizations smoothly evolve from a static data center to a dynamic, well instrumented and efficiently managed data center with necessary software, hardware products and service offerings.

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