In 2012, we founded Rahi Systems with a vision of becoming a trusted source for the global delivery of IT solutions and services. The response of our customers and partners has been gratifying and humbling. Thanks to their support, Rahi now has more than 700 employees and offices and distribution facilities on five continents.

As we look forward to the next phase of our growth, it is time to refresh our brand to reflect our global growth. We are rolling out a new logo that drops the word “Systems” because we no longer sell only IT products. We have developed end-to-end solutions that encompass our team’s significant capabilities to help customers maximize the value of their IT investments.

The new logo reinforces our heritage. In Hindi, “Rahi” means “one who travels on a meaningful journey,” such as a journey toward success. We recognize that our journey is far from over, that we must continue to innovate and advance our services to be successful in the future.

We are also changing our tagline from “Global IT Solutions Provider” to “Elevating Technology Globally.” We wanted to create a tagline that conveys our ability to develop new technology solutions and advance those solutions into markets around the world.

As a company, Rahi stands for six core values:

  • Customer First: We put the customer first in everything we do. The success of our customers is our No. 1 goal.
  • Integrity and Ethics: Integrity and ethics underpin our business model. We can have losses in our business but must never waver from our integrity and ethics.
  • Trust and Support: We win with teamwork, which is built on trust and support for our team members.
  • Open, Constructive Feedback: Our team members have a voice in our organization’s day-to-day operation and growth.
  • Pursuit of Opportunity: We give our team the flexibility to pursue opportunities where others say “no.” We review opportunities with everyone to ensure they align with our values and objectives.
  • Giving Back: Giving back always pays forward. We strive to give back to the communities where we live and work.

Our business is built on serving as a single-source provider for your IT needs. Here’s what that means in practice:

  • Our team has the skills and expertise to deliver advanced IT solutions. We have a large talent pool with trained and certified team members and continue to grow the team. We also invest in the ongoing development of our team members.
  • We deliver our services around the globe, with local expertise and understanding of language and culture. We can provide global standardization for our multinational customers.
  • We act as a single point of contact for customers and streamline all operational and business interactions. Our experienced finance, sales operations, and logistics teams make doing business with us pain-free. 
  • We make strategic investments to help drive new solutions. We also continue to form relationships with providers of disruptive technologies that can give our customers competitive advantages.

Although we take a vendor-neutral approach to develop solutions, we cultivate long-standing relationships with some of the industry’s top vendors. We have carefully vetted a shortlist of industry-leading solutions that we are proud to represent to our customers.

Rahi’s legal name isn’t changing, and we aren’t altering the way we do business. We are simply updating our branding to align with the growth and expansion of our business. Our new branding better conveys our core values and innovative solutions and services to our global customers.

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