FREMONT, Calif.-Rahi Systems, a Data Center & IT Solutions provider, launched today its FlexIT Pre-Engineered Integrated Solutions offering a full line of modular Data Center, Mini Data Center, OIB (Office in a Box) and Data Center Asset Rack. FlexIT is an adaptable solution portfolio designed to be deployed in a variety of customer environments such as Retail Stores, Network closets, Server Rooms, and Data Centers.

FlexIT Infrastructure includes:

  • Optimized Space for Technology Systems
  • Single Access, Control & Asset Management Software
  • Dust-free and Clean Environment
  • Noise Reduction, Smart Exhaust and Alerts
  • Integrated Cooling Systems
  • Backup Power & Power Management
  • Fire Protection Systems
  • Physical Security & Compliance
  • Open Network Services – Wireless, Access, WAN, Firewall

FlexIT eliminates the need to build complex computer rooms which dramatically improves the speed of system deployment compared to the traditional construction approach. It is engineered for specific customer requirements, easily installed onsite, and tested to ensure system compatibility, regulatory compliance and ready for use day one.

“When we started evaluating between options of build or getting an integrated solution, the FlexIT product offered tremendous value and benefit in getting our operations up and running immediately. Being able to scale with the cloud is a constant challenge and FlexIT solution helped us solve this problem,” said Amar Singh, CTO of Cloud Insights.

“For our big data analytics solutions, The FlexIT MDC solution helped us immediately get our entire infrastructure up and running. The ability to bridge between Cloud Ecosystems and our own Infrastructure helped us cut down our Opex and Capex costs tremendously,” said Nader Fathi, CEO of Kiana Analytics.

FlexIT also brings a broad range of technologies from reputed industry leaders to be integrated into the best of the breed solution that is the best fit for customers. Rahi Systems partnership with variety of manufacturers from the Physical Infrastructure, Power, Cooling, Storage, Compute and Networking provides customers the ability to choose the right product for their requirement in this solution.

“We are excited to offer FlexIT Integrated Solutions for our customers. Our Engineering team has designed a very thorough solution that takes into account various engineering aspects of the solutions. Our Ready to Deploy Program will allow customers to benefit from our Inventory, Professional Services and Engineering team to reduce their deployment time,” said Tarun Raisoni, GM at Rahi Systems.

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