Rahi joins a program for partners seeking to innovate by offering comprehensive solutions for today’s application delivery challenges.

Amsterdam, The Netherlands :— Rahi, a Global IT Solutions Provider headquartered in Hoofddorp, The Netherlands, and Snapt, a Gartner-recognized application delivery and security firm, working with thousands of clients globally and protecting over 10,000 applications, has announced their partnership. Rahi joins Snapt’s Partner Program which will see the company offer Snapt’s solutions for dynamic load balancing and web application and API protection built for real-time hyperscale, multi-cloud, and modern architectures.

With this new addition to Rahi’s partner portfolio, the company will now provide an enterprise application delivery platform and a threat intelligence platform ensuring load balancing, security, caching, and acceleration through Snapt across the Middle East, Africa and Europe. 

Snapt ensures that business-critical applications, web services, and APIs are always on, fast, and secure. Businesses that adopt Snapt are better equipped to plan their future growth with greater efficiency based on informed decisions. Snapt’s Application Delivery Controller solution and threat intelligence platform will act as an extension of Rahi’s Cloud solutions. Snapt is the only modern, unified application delivery platform designed for centralized security, visibility, and control for multi-cloud, hyperscale, and hybrid environments.

Marcus Doran, General Manager EMEA with Rahi, says, “Our customers rely on us to improve their quality of service and reduce OpEx costs. The virtual infrastructure market is undergoing real change. Organisations are battling challenges from complexity, cost, and not being able to scale at the pace required. Those who have not embraced ADC to optimize their virtual infrastructure assets are having to play catch-up to faster operators who are using more efficient and effective load balancers, web accelerators, WAF and GSLB.” 

“We are pleased that Rahi has joined our partner program. Our combined goals are to accelerate growth and earnings, and we look forward to further growth across the Europe, Middle East and Africa region,” said Doug Cherry, CCO, Snapt. 

Snapt’s solutions span multiple clouds and diverse production pipelines with centralized control of load balancing, security, and intelligence. Snapt is cloud-neutral, container friendly, with no lock-in.

“Snapt’s solutions and services complement our current infrastructure management portfolio for traditional, cloud and hybrid cloud solutions. This ultimately assists us in ensuring that we are enabling our clients to reach their business goals. We look for partners who are disruptive and who develop new and innovative solutions. The reasons for engaging with Snapt were obvious,” said Mr. Doran, General Manager EMEA.

Founded in 2012, Rahi has quickly cemented its reputation as one of the world’s most dynamic systems integrators. Through their vast partner landscape, which includes global tech giants such as Zoom, Nutanix, Palo Alto, Cisco, Lenovo, Juniper, Netapp, ZPE, and Crestron, Rahi delivers disruptive technology globally. 


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About Rahi:

Rahi Systems is a Global IT Solutions Provider, Systems Integrator, and Value-Added Reseller, specializing in the design, integration, and fulfillment of Data Centers, Cloud Computing, Enterprise Campus IT, UC/AV Communication Systems, Professional / Managed Services, and Global Services. With offices in 26 countries and the capability to provide IT solutions in over 160 countries worldwide – through Importer of Record Services (IoR), Rahi has the ability to build and deploy large-scale projects in hard-to-service countries such as Brazil, China, India, Turkey and many others. With their global footprint, efficient team, and strong vendor relationships, Rahi can serve all kinds of technology needs anywhere in the world.

Global Locations: United States, Canada, India, Australia, China, Hong Kong, Japan, South Korea, Singapore, Taiwan, Indonesia, Malaysia, Philippines, Thailand, Vietnam, France, Germany, Ireland, Netherlands, South Africa, Turkey, United Kingdom, UAE, Argentina, Brazil, Chile, Columbia, Mexico


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About Snapt

Snapt provides future-proof load balancing and security solutions that are cloud-neutral and platform-agnostic. Snapt eliminates downtime and automatically scales your sites and applications to ensure maximum responsiveness. Using a single pane of glass, our solutions deliver centralized control and intelligence for all your clouds, platforms, architectures, and applications. Snapt has offices in San Jose, New York, London, Cape Town and Johannesburg, with customers in over 60 countries. We have a global operating infrastructure enabling 24/7/365 support.



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