According to the latest data from IDC, the worldwide market for converged infrastructure increased 10.8 percent year over year during the third quarter of 2017. Organizations are rapidly adopting converged infrastructure solutions due to their ability to resolve many vexing IT challenges.

Converged infrastructure solutions are pre-configured, vendor-certified systems that integrate compute, storage, networking and management software in a single platform. They eliminate the need to design and implement each component separately, enabling IT to roll out new solutions rapidly while reducing data center complexity and streamlining operations.

Hyper-converged systems go even further, collapsing core storage and compute functionality into a single, highly virtualized solution. Two key characteristics of hyper-converged systems are their scale-out architecture and their ability to provide all compute and storage functions through the same x86 server-based resources. Hyper-converged systems are seeing the fastest uptake — the hyper-converged segment of the converged systems market grew 68 percent year over year during the third quarter of 2017.

Early adopters of converged infrastructure solutions tended to focus on a handful of use cases, including virtual desktop infrastructure, testing and development, and storage. Hyper-converged infrastructure solution also enabled organizations to collapse the IT stack at branch locations and manage it all from the central data center.

As converged infrastructure solutions prove their value, more organizations are using them for mission-critical workloads. Hyper-converged infrastructure solutions have built-in redundancies that provide high availability, and the scalability needed to meet ever-increasing application demands. Resource pooling and high levels of automation create a cloud-like environment that’s inherently agile and flexible.

However, increasing reliance on converged infrastructure solutions can bring risk without effective out-of-band management that enables direct communication with each node. Traditional out-of-band management solutions weren’t designed for converged infrastructure environments, creating an overly complex environment that negates many of the benefits of convergence.

Nodegrid Services Router from ZPE Systems is an open framework appliance that provides secure remote access and out-of-band management of converged infrastructure environments. Its virtualized switching, WAN acceleration and security capabilities and zero-touch provisioning also make it ideal for controlling devices at the edge of the network, such as remote office and retail locations.

Features include:

  • Five multi-service card slots
  • Latest generation network chipset
  • Multi-core CPU with Nodegrid 64-bit Linux OS
  • Modular configuration cards
  • Embedded Layer 2 switching, Layer 3 routing, BGP, OSPF, RIP, QoS, MPLS, VPN and multisite IPSEC
  • Nodegrid Manager software for 360-degree view, natural search and clustering
  • Choice of Puppet, Chef, OpenFlow, RESTful orchestration

Nodegrid Services Router features dependable non-blocking networking capabilities for lightning-fast response times. Its compact form-factor saves physical space, while its modular design allows for expansion. Enterprise-grade security, encrypted data transfers and consistent policy enforcement help keep networks safe.

Like all ZPE solutions, Nodegrid Services Router takes a software-defined approach that allows for automation, policy-based orchestration and a centralized view of infrastructure assets. It provides a uniform management experience across heterogeneous physical and virtual devices, yet easily scales to control thousands of racks.

Organizations that rely upon converged infrastructure to support mission-critical applications need powerful out-of-band management that’s flexible, scalable and highly automated. Let us show you why NodeGrid Services Router is the clear choice for your converged infrastructure environments.

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