Overview – NTT Communications has established an IoT Office to provide customers with secure IoT solutions that leverage the company’s global network, cloud and datacenters. The IoT Office, by effectively leveraging IoT, expects to help customers raise their profitability and expand their businesses.

Solutions developed by the IoT Office will enable enterprises to utilize NTT Com’s secure global IoT environment more easily than ever before. In addition, the office will steadily add to its capabilities by collaborating with the providers of devices and application platforms.

Advantages of NTT Com’s IoT solutions

  • NTT Com will provide one-stop application platforms that store, visualize and analyze data collected from IoT devices
  • NTT Com will provide a secure, global and highly affordable network connected directly with the cloud and data centers
  • Users can choose where to store their data among some 130 datacenters worldwide, including cloud bases, and deal with laws, such as the EU Data Protection Directive, in the preferred locale
  • Mega-data connection to remote datacenters enables customers to easily leverage massive data collected through NTT Com’s IoT solutions

Examples of IoT Solutions from NTT Com

  1. NTT Com and Obayashi Corporation launched a research project in April 2015 to verify a construction-site safety system that monitors and analyzes body data gathered with wearable sensors embedded in workers’ uninforms.
  2. NTT Com, in collaboration with ITOCHU Corporation and NTT Facilities, installed a smart streetlight network at a large industrial complex in Indonesia. LED streetlights are connected to a mobile network and power line monitoring system to allow an NTT Com datacenter to precisely control lighting as required at dusk, night and dawn, thereby helping to cut power consumption.
  3. In August 2015, NTT Com and Kanazawa Nishi Hospital in Japan launched a field trial of a cloud service that monitors elderly people living alone based on their daily use of electric appliances. IoT sensors connected to the home’s electrical circuitry collect and send the information to family/friends via a smartphone app.
  4. NTT Com and the Virtual Engineering Community, a volunteer organization, have implemented a research project to verify technological ways to improve efficiency and productivity at industrial sites, such as network devices that adapt to the frequency, speed and volume of communication between a physical site and the cloud. The aim is to realize environments that raise the productivity and efficiency of facility maintenance while ensuring cyber security.
  5. NTT Com is actively promoting the Web of Things (WoT), an IoT concept for a World Wide Web of real things. The company’s initiatives include the public release of sample code and contributing to the development of IoT standards as a key member of the World Wide Web consortium (W3C).