The Internet of Things (IoT) has redefined the way we consume infotainment, and how we live our life day-to-day. Whether it is streaming a video, paying bills, or planning your next vacation, data is the source of these transactions. In short, we need data instantaneously which has made it imperative to have consistently reliable data centers. Statista, the statistics portal that sources from 18,000 sources on an average, reported a mind-boggling growth of mobile users worldwide. The number of smartphone users is projected to grow from 1.5 billion in 2014 to five billion by 2019. That is over 36 percent of the world projected to use a smartphone! This catapults data consumption and the dependence on data centers into a much higher league. To keep up with the demand and to stay abreast of new technologies, many companies are investing heavily into the lifeline of their businesses and are turning to data center experts for cost effective and scalable solutions. One solution that has been used by big data companies since 2009, are Modular Data Center’s (MDC).  Data Center Knowledge defines Modular Data Centers as, “An approach to data center design that implies either a prefabricated data center module or a deployment method for delivering data center infrastructure in a modular, quick and flexible method.” Major forces driving the flexible data center market include:
  • The surge in demand for low Power Usage Effectiveness (PUE)
  • The need to reduce operational expenditure
  • The need for scalability
  • The ease in operations and maintenance
The modular data center market is growing rapidly because of the increasing number of users opting for high-performance and energy efficient data centers. According to the research agency Markets and Markets, the worldwide market for plug-and-play data centers and related equipment will grow from $8.37 billion in 2015 to $35.11 billion by 2020. North America will be the largest modular data center market in terms of size, while Asia-Pacific (APAC) is expected to emerge as a high-growth market. Rahi Systems has recognized the need for flexible data centers, and has developed a suite of IT infrastructure solutions that cut deployment time by 40 percent or more. FlexITTM is a unique line of IT infrastructure products that are pre-engineered and ready to install. With FlexITTM organizations can create a dust-free, space-optimized IT environment virtually anywhere. FlexITTM Office-In-A-Box (OIB):  The FlexITTM OIB Rack is a complete solution that provides built-in cooling, back-up UPS power, smart power distribution, network services, and physical and IT security.  This integrated smart cabinet is ideal for:  retail stores, financial institutions, medical facilities, schools, branch offices and other locations that need highly efficient, space-optimized IT infrastructure.  Why Rahi’s FlexITTM OIB Rack?
  • Zero setup time and rapid deployment of IT equipment
  • Integrated cooling from 3kW to 5kW
  • 6kVA backup UPS power with the option of high-efficiency Li-ion
  • Optional network services
  • Sound-proof cabinet allowing placement next to offices and cubicles
  • Complete physical security with front- or rear-door access
  • Single software console with 8x 1GB network and 5x serial management ports.
FlexIT Modular DC
FlexITTM Modular Data Center (MDC):  The FlexITTM MDC is the ideal solution for “white space” data center expansion and colocation environments. The FlexITTM MDC’s flexible, pod-based approach allows it to be customized to meet the exact needs of the space available. Why Rahi’s FlexITTM MDC?
  • Substantially faster and less expensive than any traditional data center buildouts
  • Flexible, user-friendly and very easy to manage
  • Configurable with 20 to 40 enclosures with a wide range of options
  • Supports a variety of cooling technologies
  • Turnkey installation and setup services available
To learn more about Rahi’s FlexITTM solutions and see our products first-hand, visit us at our upcoming tradeshows! Data Center Dynamics Trade Show, New York Marriot Marquis, March 14th & 15th. Visit us at Booth #88, or Contact Us to schedule a time to sync up. Data Centre World London, Excel London, March 15th & 16th.  Visit us at Booth #M38, or Contact Us to schedule a time to sync up. We look forward to connecting with you!

Rahi is a Global IT Solutions Provider. We are uniquely capable of combining data center, IT and audio/video solutions to create an integrated environment that drives efficiencies, enhances customer service and creates competitive advantages. We offer a full suite of products in physical infrastructure, storage, compute, networking, power and cooling, and audio / video. In addition, Rahi offers professional and managed services to aid customers in logistics, delivery, set-up, and ongoing support of their technology solutions.

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Rahi is a subsidiary of Wesco Distribution, a Fortune 200 Company with operations in 50+ countries and annual revenues over USD 19B. Rahi delivers comprehensive data centre solutions for global enterprises, hyperscalers, and multi-tenant data centres. Rahi provides IOR, local currency billing, and RMA services, enabling businesses to operate efficiently anywhere.
Since being acquired in Nov. 2022, Rahi’s global presence and analytical expertise help clients achieve their business and IT requirements.

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