IP Expo Nordic marked the first tradeshow in the EMEA region for Rahi Systems!  The event was well attended and encouraged innovative discussions around customized data center solutions for not so common areas such as cruise ships and submarines.  We were able to meet lots of new people as well as connect with our local technology partners across Europe.

Rahi was excited to showcase our 30U Mobility Rack. Rahi Systems, in partnership with Enconnex, has developed a fully integrated solution for mobile app development labs. Unique in the industry, the solution allows you to deploy up to 1,000 mobile device in a single rack that incorporates compute, storage, networking and power resources. Sliding shelves include trays that hold mobile devices in place and pull out completely for easy access to all devices in the tray.

Also showcased where the NodeGrid USB, NodeGrid Serial Console, and NodeGrid Manager software by ZPE Systems.

The ZPE NodeGrid USB provides up to 96 fully and continuously powered USB Type C Ports in a 2U form factor. It manages to power devices throughout the development cycle without worrying about device draw and charge speed. Additional servers are no longer necessary as NodeGrid USB Server has all the compute capabilities, secure access and control functionality of ZPEs NodeGrid family. It alleviates the need for a NAS storage solution with NodeGrid USB’s built in storage. NodeGrid USB combines server, storage and power capabilities all in a powerful, high-density, clusterable 2U 96 port USB Type C appliance.

The NodeGrid Serial Console (NSC) helps data center managers improve productivity and reduce MTTR costs with the latest technologies. The world’s fastest serial console server also sports industry-exclusive system configuration security checksum™, bare metal booting and recovery capabilities, and Docker readiness. IT staff can manage more devices with fewer cables, IP addresses and configuration time using our industry-exclusive 1U 96 port serial console server.

NodeGrid Manager software provides secure, vendor-neutral, out-of-band access and control of physical/virtual IT infrastructures. Technical staff use our comprehensive solution to control and manage all data center devices from one surface. It provides smart, consolidated IT access and control software to  save customers  you time, money and effort managing multi-vendor IT environments. NodeGrid’s vendor-neutral platform frees customers  from vendor lock-in, providing IT device purchasing flexibility and a comprehensive, uniform feature stack across vendors. NodeGrid Manager simplifies management, migration and refresh experiences, and even extends the features and shelf life of unsupported legacy devices.

Thank you to everyone who stopped by to chat with us and see our solution offerings.  We enjoyed catching up with you and look forward to seeing everyone next year!



Dirk Achenbach has more than 17 years of experience in Data Center Management and various roles covering the EMEA region. At Rahi Systems, he has assisted with the growth of our Europe team through creating and developing an agile and passionate team. Dirk currently supervises the Service & Support department in EMEA, as our Director of Engineering.

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