You read articles, look at industry reviews, attend webinars and speak with different manufacturers. You think you found a technology that will help meet business goals, but the real work is now beginning.

Not only does the technology need to be tested within your IT environment to make sure everything works together correctly, but you have to determine if it works within your budget, operational resources, and long-term business plans. 

Here are some options that will simplify your testing, procurement, and ongoing management challenges with Orion Wireless and other IT technology.

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Get The Juniper Networks and Orion Wireless Test Kit

Knowing whether a technology product will work well with your current IT infrastructure requires more work than assessing what is currently in your environment. The real validation is in the testing. 

That’s why Rahi worked closely with Juniper Networks driven by Mist AI, to build an Orion Wireless test kit. This way, any business or IT leader who isn’t sure if they want to provide Orion can quickly and easily test it in their IT environment.

All you have to do is request the Orion test kit here, and we’ll ship you a small box that has all the gear. Plug in the device, and the gear will automatically activate. We’ll even manage it remotely.

This is the best way to evaluate the Orion and Juniper Mist experience within your environment.

Juniper Mist offers the simplest setup when it comes to using native RadSec. It’s one of many reasons Juniper and Rahi partnered to provide a Juniper Mist and Orion Wireless demo kit.

You can read more about the process for adding Orion with different manufacturers in our previous article in this series, “What CIOs Need to Know About Adding Orion Wireless to Network Capabilities.”

Try Flexible IT Procurement Options

IT procurement comes with more challenges than determining if a technology product works within your environment. You must also determine if it works within your budget, operational resources, and long-term business plans. 

For example, in this post-pandemic society, many businesses are closing offices, moving buildings, or testing facilities to see if they want to stay operational in specific geo-locations long term. That means an IT leader could purchase technology for an office only for that office to be closed in a few months or years’ time, which is usually before a technology product’s end-of-life. Now that business is stuck with the capital expense of infrastructure they don’t need and aren’t using.

This is one reason businesses need flexible IT procurement business models. You can read more about this in our article, “How This New IT Consumption Model Helps Eliminate Business Risk.”

Businesses are also challenged with finding the right IT professionals to operate the new capabilities. When an office is opened in a new location, IT staff are needed to set up and manage infrastructure. Finding the right IT professionals with the right expertise can be time-consuming and costly.

This is why so many enterprises are taking advantage of our Rahi ESS Subscription Services.

Our subscription services enable you to bundle IT infrastructure procurement and operational services into a subscription model. Benefits include flexible subscription packages that are easy to scale up or down, low upfront costs, managed IT services, and no hardware purchase commitment.

This means you’re not procuring IT infrastructure that you may not use in a few months or years’ time. You’re leasing it and can exchange it for infrastructure or services you do need. You gain the flexibility to open and close office locations as needed without concern of wasted capital expense. Because Rahi operates globally, you are guaranteed to have the operational resources and IT expertise when and where you need it.

Next Steps

Rahi can help you understand which technology fits best within your ecosystem to meet immediate and future business goals. If you need long-term support, we provide managed solutions through other staff augmentation and other service capabilities. Learn more about us and our customer stories here

Sign up to request the Juniper and Orion Wireless Test Kit.

If you have more questions and want support beyond wireless, complete our contact form, and someone will contact you soon.

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