In our last post, we discussed why many organizations are building out their own Internet points of presence (POPs). Rapidly increasing IP traffic volumes are creating bottlenecks in the POP sites of traditional ISPs. In addition, most ISP POP sites are located in major cities, which could be far away from an organization’s users. By implementing their own POP sites in strategic locations, organizations can reduce latency by bringing applications and data closer to users.

However, few organizations have experience in the design, implementation and management of POP sites. They may have to go through a lot of trial and error to identify the best data center facilities, select the best hardware and software, and architect the environment.

That’s where Rahi Systems comes in. Our team has extensive real-world experience in every aspect of the data center — from the infrastructure on up. We can not only help choose cost-efficient solutions but develop an architecture that is repeatable, scalable and easy to manage remotely.

We can also help you make practical decisions that can speed deployment and optimize costs. For example, should you “rack and stack” the equipment and ship the fully populated cabinet to the data center? What sort of cooling system do you need? How do you maximize utilization so you’re getting the most value from your colocation space?

When it comes time to physically deploy your POP site, Rahi can also provide the skilled personnel you need. And with offices and distribution centers around the world, we can handle procurement, shipping, customs, and local configuration and installation — no matter where your POP site is located.

Many organizations are finding they have to implement more and more POP sites to meet growing user demand. Rahi offers value-added services that can assist in the maintenance and management of these facilities:

  • We provide staging, asset tagging, configuration and testing services customized to your requirements. We can also maintain an inventory of spare parts and rapidly dispatch them as needed to minimize downtime.
  • Our team can remotely monitor your POP sites and handle routine maintenance and updates. Offloading these tasks enables your IT team to focus on your core business requirements.
  • We can perform regular audits of your POP sites to evaluate performance, utilization, availability and other key metrics. Our analytics and reporting will give you a clear picture of how your POP sites are doing.

If your organization is planning to implement a POP site, or you need help managing and optimizing the sites you have, we invite you to contact us. Rahi Systems offers broad range of solutions and services that can help you maximize efficiency while keeping a lid on costs.

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