Staying connected is the current way of life. Bandwidth boundaries are blurring and with that,  data centers are rapidly changing. Data centers have come a long way from offering basic storage services, to providing complete connectivity, storage and disaster recovery functions that are vital for most businesses. Fiber connectivity will gain huge importance in the future as software developers and different applications continue to be dependent on that backbone for different uses of the internet.

Copper connectivity has its advantages. But fiber optic cable sends data faster than copper cable as it does this through pulses of light, rather than electrical impulses. Another advantage of the fiber optic technology is that while copper cable lasts 60 to 70 years, fiber optics have almost an infinite lifespan.

Since fiber optic cabling uses different wavelengths of light to transmit data, there are a myriad bandwidths to play with in fiber. You can easily migrate from 10G to 40G or even 100G with ease, unlike in a copper cable infrastructure. Migration to optical fiber 10G to higher gigabit Ethernet environments brings exciting opportunities and also some challenges to the data center operators.

Data center fiber infrastructure advancements have evolved rapidly from 10G to 40G to 100G, in the past few years. But now, the industry is already abuzz with talks of a 400G broadband capacity. It will be here sooner than you think, given the rate at which the world is hungry for faster and more data.

Remember the adage, ‘Adapt or perish?’ It is no longer enough for data centers to just rent a data service facility from a service provider which uses the commonly shared infrastructure. With growing demands on data consumption, building a scalable data center is not just smart but absolutely necessary.

Rahi Systems has the technical know-how, domain knowledge and on-ground expertise to help you transition from a traditional infrastructure model to a futureproof scalable data center environment. We can do this within an optimal cost and time. Check out our Connectivity video to learn more: WATCH NOW

Rahi’s Modular Patch Panels allow you the flexibility to easily migrate from 10GB to 40GB or 100GB and vice versa. You are not boxed into a certain port interface.  Rahi’s Base 8-MTP cable allows you to swap out different cassettes without changing the backbone cable infrastructure. Imagine the convenience when you want to scale from 10Gb to 40GB or 100GB, all you have to do is swap the 10GB cassettes with 40GB or 100GB.

Rahi’s structured cabling is futureproof. When we customize Rahi’s Modular Patch Panels for you, there is enough room for growth to accommodate your evolving connectivity needs. Various slots in the Modular Patch Panel system host the cassettes for 10Gb, 40Gb or 100Gb and patch cables connect into ports. This clearly saves you time, money and resources while optimizing valuable U-space real estate.

Why Rahi Systems’ Modular Patch Panels?

  • Smart: Modular cassettes have pre-installed MTP cables that form the backbone of the infrastructure
  • Versatile: Modular cassettes are interchangeable from 10Gb to 40Gb to 100GB and vice versa.
  • Flexible: Pay as you grow plan works well with your changing business needs
  • Replaceable: Easy to swap out
  • Cost-effective: Scale without rebuilding the entire unit for migration
  • Consistent and Adaptable: Absolutely no compromise on performance.
  • Futureproof: Modular Patch Panels are scalable. Can easily migrate from 10Gb to 40Gb to 100Gb and more.

We provide invaluable information on optimizing U-space, reclaiming rack space and chalking out a roadmap on how the transition will work with mission-critical devices, so that you can make an informed decision.

A successful migration will save your organization significant time, labor and costs, since your network will be running at peak performance.

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