Apple devices are very popular among consumers — devout users have been known to camp outside Apple stores when a new product is about to be released so they can be among the first to get their hands on it. This devotion has had an impact on corporate IT, as many employees use their Apple devices for work.

A 2017 study by Dimensional Research found that 91 percent of organizations have macOS or iOS devices in use. User preference is partly responsible for Apple’s presentation in the enterprise — a 2018 survey found that, when given a choice, 72 percent of employees prefer Macs over PCs, and 75 percent prefer iPhones and iPads over Android devices.

According to 68 percent of survey respondents, using their preferred technology made them more productive. Not surprisingly, more and more organizations are rolling out Apple devices to end-users to take advantage of the productivity benefits.

Corporate IT departments must be prepared to deploy, manage and secure those devices, and the tool of choice is Jamf Pro. This powerful enterprise mobility management (EMM) platform provides a unified view of all macOS, iOS and tvOS devices in the enterprise and automated tools that streamline management and support.

Jamf Pro enables you to:

  • Inventory devices, along with configurations
  • Create and deploy custom packages
  • Passively install apps from the App Store
  • Group devices by department, geographic location and other criteria
  • Proactive monitoring for virtually any macOS criteria (i.e. battery health states and failed packages)
  • Lock down devices and require data encryption
  • And much more

From the user’s perspective, Jamf Pro preserves the familiar Apple experience while providing users with an intuitive self-enrollment process. Self-service features empower users to download and install approved, customized, and exclusive applications within an org, manage OS and application updates, and perform basic maintenance and diagnostics. Jamf Pro can be integrated with the organization’s ticketing system to simplify help desk requests.

One of the primary benefits of Jamf Pro is that it integrates with Apple’s Device Enrollment Program (DEP). Under DEP, the serial numbers of Apple devices are associated with the company that purchases them. The company links its Jamf Pro server to its DEP account and any devices purchased directly from Apple or through an authorized reseller are automatically enrolled in Jamf Pro. Automatic enrollment enables large-scale, zero-touch deployments while ensuring that every device is configured according to the organization’s requirements.

When users turn on their devices, they are guided through the activation process by Apple’s setup assistant. The device contacts Apple as it normally would, then Apple communicates with Jamf Pro to determine the settings and applications to be pushed out to the device. Apple’s wireless supervision features are automatically enabled, which allows for a higher level of security restrictions and the use of Activation Lock and Lost Mode to prevent lost or stolen devices from being used.

Jamf Pro is similar to Microsoft System Center Configuration Manager (SCCM) but for Apple devices. In fact, Jamf Pro can be integrated with existing Windows and Android management tools to create a “single pane of glass” for managing end-user devices.

Organizations that give users the technology they prefer are rewarded with happier, more productive employees. Rahi Systems can help you take advantage of Jamf Pro and DEP to maximize the value of your Apple devices.

Anthony found an interest in computers at about age 13, with a desire to know what every piece of hardware was and how to assemble and disassemble a computer. That curiosity drove him to where he is today. As a Pre-Sales Engineer, Anthony helps Rahi Systems’ customers design and architect the right solutions to meet their business requirements.

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