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In many industries, a professional certification or license shows that you have the minimal educational background and experience necessary to offer a service. IT is not one of those industries. Unlike doctors, lawyers, CPAs and many other practitioners, IT professionals can provide services without certification.

Many types of IT certifications do exist, but the responsibility generally lies with the individual to complete the training and prove competency. That can be an expensive and time-consuming proposition.

Meanwhile, organizations are struggling to find IT talent with the right skills to fill critical roles. In a recent study conducted by CNet Training, 47 percent of respondents said it takes four to six months to fill IT vacancies, and 89 percent believe this creates business risk. The reasons are complex, but 20 percent respondents say competency shortfalls are a contributing factor.

Industry analysts say the IT skills gap has been widening in recent years, particularly in subspecialties such as data center operations. In the Uptime Institute’s 2018 Global Data Center Survey, 38 percent of respondents said they are “having difficulty finding qualified candidates for open jobs” and 17 percent said they are “having difficulty retaining staff, as they are being hired away.”

And it becomes a self-fulfilling prophesy. Today’s complex data centers require new skill sets within IT teams, often resulting in staff turnover.

Organizations can mitigate these problems by investing in training and certification programs for existing IT staff. Such programs help bring staff knowledge up to date with the latest technical developments and working standards. Training investments also demonstrate the organization’s commitment to offering valuable growth opportunities to its employees.

From the organization’s perspective, the completion of an IT certification program shows that a professional is dedicated to a career in IT and has the initiative to stay up to speed on the latest technologies and practices. It also demonstrates a commitment to lifelong career development given that re-certification is typically required at three-year intervals.

That said, there is wide variation in the quality of certification programs. The most valued programs are independent and led by certified subject-matter experts. They demand significant effort and determination to complete and require not just attendance but rigorous testing and assessment. Participants come away with knowledge and skill gained from a training organization that meets high standards for quality and ethical conduct.

CNet Training is a highly respected provider of certification programs for data center infrastructure. Its Certified Data Center Design Professional (CDCDP) program is made for individuals involved in the day-to-day management of existing data center facilities or the design of new facilities. The five-day program requires approximately 20 hours of pre-class study and has a comprehensive agenda covering best practices for data center design across key elements of the physical infrastructure. Real-world exercises guide participants through business decision-making, project initiation, scoping, implementation and commissioning.

Rahi Systems has partnered with CNet to deliver a condensed three-day version of the program to select customers and vendors worldwide. Participants who successfully complete the program gain the industry-recognized Level 5 BTEC Professional qualification and may use the CDCD designation in their professional titles.

Rahi is offering eight sessions throughout 2019 at locations in the U.S., Europe and Asia.  For more information on the program and to view the complete training schedule please visit: Rahi Systems CDCD Program.

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