Over the past several years, the role of IT has been slowly transitioning from managing technology to enabling business outcomes. However, many technology solution providers continue to focus exclusively on delivering a manufacturer’s product. The traditional solution provider model does not align with today’s mindset.

At Rahi Systems, we recognize that this model is outdated. We’ve been working to develop a new services framework that helps customers capitalize on technology solutions to meet their business objectives.

We call this framework “ELEVATE” because it gives us the ability to optimize their data center, IT, and cloud environments. ELEVATE comprises a suite of consulting, professional, and managed services that work in concert to ensure business success. It’s a full-lifecycle methodology that helps us take customers from where they are today to where they need to be.

The ELEVATE framework encompasses seven disciplines:

The specific services may vary from discipline to discipline, but the approach remains the same. There are four elemental activities that help drive toward the desired outcome.

Assess. The Assess phase is about understanding what’s going on in the customer’s environment. We want to discover what’s important to this customer and why they’re engaging with us. What are their technical, financial, and business problems? How would technology impact their end-users or their operational behaviors? How would it help them grow, save money, or better serve customers?

Plan. Once we understand what the customer needs, we build a plan for what we’re going to do. It’s not just a high-level goal — planning involves all the steps needed to get the customer to the desired state. Rahi’s deep expertise in each of the seven disciplines comes into play here.

We’re also going to engage with key stakeholders and provide facts and figures so that everybody understands what needs to be done, how it’s going to be done, and who’s going to do it.

Implement. The Implement phase puts the plan into action. If we have done the planning correctly, it should be fairly clear what hardware, software, and services are needed to deliver the solution to the customer. Once we’re done with the implementation and knowledge transfer, we can turn over the keys to the customer or provide ongoing management and support services.

Manage. That’s where the Manage phase comes in. The customer might need NOC support, or they might need a full-time person onsite to help their staff continue to refine the environment. Or they might want a technical account manager who’s going to help them identify ways to be more efficient, lower costs or expand the portfolio of solutions they offer to their customers.

We don’t expect that every customer is going to come into the journey in the same place, but we do anticipate that the flow of each engagement will be very similar. This methodology allows us to be consistent in how we engage regardless of the discipline or the services the customer needs.

The ELEVATE framework isn’t new or revolutionary. But Rahi does have a unique ability to bring in very talented subject-matter experts to help customers achieve their goals. With ELEVATE services, customers can achieve their strategic goals with Rahi Systems, a partner dedicated to their success and committed to ensuring any engagement achieves the right business outcomes.

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