One of the biggest challenges faced by IT managers is how to keep up with the rate of technology change. As hardware evolves and new tools are constantly introduced, organizations need to design their data centers in a way that supports new solutions and allows them to scale. The goal is to “future-proof” the data center to accommodate new technology without the expense and risk of repeated “rip and replace” projects.

The ability to identify available power capacity that can support new hardware investments is critical to future-proofing. More and more organizations are using intelligent, high-density power distribution units (PDUs) to support a wide range of modules, outlet configurations and features. As new hardware and workloads are added to the data center, high-density PDUs make the entire environment easier to manage.

Intelligent, high-density PDUs can be configured to order so you can essentially build a PDU to your specifications and have it delivered. And with zero-touch provisioning, you can deploy thousands of PDUs in a matter of minutes. Available power capacity in multiple geographically dispersed data centers can be remotely managed, right down to the rack and row, through a single pane of glass. PDUs with alternating phase can alternate phased power for each outlet rather than each branch to make data center design less complex and provide more flexibility.

There are four basic types of PDUs for the modern data center. Monitored PDUs measure the power consumed by all equipment attached to each rack. Monitored PDUs should also offer input monitoring and branch monitoring, which ensures correct load balancing. While monitored PDUs measure power consumption at the rack level, outlet-monitored PDUs measure power consumption at the device level for each outlet. By grouping outlets across multiple units, you can also see the total power consumption for dual-corded devices.

Switched PDUs allow you to remotely turn on or shut off outlets, which makes it possible to reboot equipment and force off unused outlets. When using colocation equipment, this capability can prevent inadvertent charges by a colocation provider and help you avoid accidental overloads.

Vertiv also offers an adaptive PDU, called MPX, which uses hot-swappable modular output power, hot-swappable modular communication, and modular input power to dynamically respond to changing rack equipment and power capacity requirements. Intelligent, adaptive PDU technology allows you to monitor, control and manage your critical devices while providing the flexibility to redeploy modules as needs change. Buy only what you need and configure MPX onsite according to the requirements of your IT equipment. Then reconfigure the power input and distribution as needs change.

The Vertiv rack PDU portfolio, including monitored, switched, adaptive and managed PDUs, allows you to mix and match features from a variety of models based on the specific needs of your data center. These PDUs support higher power densities and resist higher temperatures to optimize power availability, while precise energy metering helps you control energy usage and costs.

Vertiv adaptive (MPX) and managed (MPH2) rack PDUs also seamlessly integrate with Vertiv’s infrastructure management tools, as well as rack-level power and environmental monitoring data from rack PDUs. They support all industry-standard management, authentication and encryption protocols and can be deployed in most industry racks.

Rahi Systems can accurately calculate your power requirements and determine which solutions are best-suited for your data center equipment. Let us show you how Vertiv rack PDUs can help you future-proof your data center environment so you can keep up with constantly changing technology.

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