Working with A/V professionals to design your meeting space offers a number of benefits. People who specialize in A/V are going to be familiar with all the latest solutions and know what works in real-world environments. They can apply this knowledge to the customer’s requirements, budget and the specific characteristics of each space to create the best possible solution.

For many customers, however, this still requires a leap of faith. The customer may trust the A/V team’s expertise in the abstract but have trouble visualizing what the solution is ultimately going to look like. Very few people can look at flat, 2-D floor plans and renderings and translate that into 3-D space.

Luckily, there are tools that can help customers visualize the A/V design in 3-D. AutoCAD, the de facto standard software used for design, drafting and the preparation of blueprints, includes tools for rendering photorealistic 3-D visualizations. One of these tools, called Revit, enables a designer to produce model-based designs and documentation so customers can see what the space will look before it’s built out.

3-D visualizations enable customers to:

  • See that their proposed solution isn’t going to work and avoid a costly mistake
  • Identify ways to enhance the aesthetics and/or functionality of the space in ways they couldn’t have imagined
  • Provide powerful documentation to management for budget approval
  • Feel confident when signing off on the final design

At Rahi Systems, we believe 3-D visualizations provide a more personal touch than traditional 2-D designs, equipment cut sheets and descriptions, product lists, and photos of past projects. We take the customer’s floor plans and ceiling plans and grow them into a 3-D space then add all the 3-D equipment that we’re proposing for the system. In some cases, equipment manufacturers provide 3-D models of their products but typically the Rahi team creates those for the visualization.

Generally, Rahi Systems produces 3-D visualizations for larger, more elaborate spaces such as boardrooms, training facilities, atriums and all-hands spaces. However, 3-D visualizations can be beneficial for conference rooms as well, particularly when creating a design standard that will be replicated across multiple rooms in the environment. Rahi is happy to produce 3-D visualizations for any size space.

3-D visualizations are just another benefit of working with Rahi Systems’ A/V team. Let us help you design a space that provides the aesthetics and functionality you’re looking for and creates an optimal A/V experience.

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