At Rahi, we are proud to work with several large web services and hyper-scale customers! Our customers push the envelope when it comes to populating density in the rack, starting with as simple as 1920-cores in a single rack.

High density web scale compute requires a completely different approach to cooling, or more appropriately, the lack of cooling and using outside air. Similarly, it requires a different approach on how power is being managed and deployed within the rack. In this blog, we are focusing on power distribution within a rack. There are several approaches to this and we are merely outlining one approach. We thank our partners for allowing us to share this information and for working with Rahi to develop these innovative designs!

Our Approach:

1. AC-3 Phase is mandatory to go into high density. It is efficient and scalable. It presents challenges such as balancing loads across A-B-C phases of a 3-phase circuit.

2. High Density Outlets(HDOs) are a must. You cannot use standard outlets because it leads to a problem of form factors like cable management, operational issues, or the standard outlets simply end up using an expensive width on the rack space.

3. Alternating Phases within the outlets will solve problems of balancing the A-B-C-phases on a 3-phase circuit. It is better to solve the balancing of the phases in the rack, rather than at the upstream facility, RPP, Floor PDU or even at the floor level.

4. Measuring your load configuration at several intervals is important. There are several ways to solve this problem: Software, Hardware, Input Metering etc. Software is more prevalent now. Using IPMI interfaces to capture such information is better, more agile and granular.

5. Network Closets are populating with denser port counts.

6. Network Closets require less outlets, but more power. 10G, 40G, 100G and even 400G links, which are increasing fairly quickly means, you need to provide more power per port. Power must also be truly redundant. A failure in a Network Closet is much more expensive than a failure at a Server/Compute level.

7. High Density tap boxes can reduce the number of tap boxes by making the busway neater and by giving you the ability to add a lot of circuits into a single rack. Keeping these high level points in mind, we offer you some of our unique solutions.

1. 35.2KW 0U High Density 108 Outlet Rack PDU Configuration for your Cabinet

2. 8.8KW 2U High Density 24 Outlet Rack PDU Configuration for your Network Closet


3. 8.8KW 1U High Density 12 Outlet Rack PDU Configuration for your Network Closet


Previously as our web scale customers moved to these configurations, we were presented with challenges for lead times, providing in-time inventory and the ability to source these globally in various configurations for deployments. At Rahi, we have now stocked these units in large volumes of 400+ unit quantities. With our slew of products and services, we can support our customers with ability to deploy these globally in any part of the world within a 1-2 week period.

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