If you get excited about Fridays, you can only imagine how ecstatic you’d be to go on a vacation! But just like you need to plan and tie-up loose ends before you go on your well-deserved break, you need to ensure your data center is all good-to-go before you leave.

Working with a good data center services provider can ensure you have a stress-free vacation. The data center services provider will always have your best interest while monitoring, suggesting and executing your data center service plan.

There are several things that you should discuss, even after the papers are signed:

  • Troubleshooting 24/7: Is your data center service provider available at any and all times? Can they help you fix however simple or complicated the problem is, whenever it occurs?
  • Redundancy: It is vital that your critical data, applications and information be protected with redundancy. If your data center service provider has new facilities or offices especially across international borders, you should know and be able to take advantage of them to support your own business. Rahi Systems has offices across five continents. We are armed with valuable local knowledge and contacts. Read more about our Importer of Record service to help with Customs and Border Protection across geographies.
  • Security: This is a huge deal! New security threats are lurking every day. Ask for a detailed data security plan and execution from your data center service provider. Share that information with your relevant team members so more than one person is aware of it. This fosters trust and a better relationship between you and your data center service provider.
  • Growth: If you are seeing your endless efforts being paid off in the growth of your company, your data center needs to grow as well. Can your data center service provider have the bandwidth, logistics and the team to support that growth? Are they proactively monitoring your company’s data usage in mind? Always communicate where your business is and where you see its journey with your data center service provider. They are your partner in support and expansion. Rahi Systems has a customer-centric approach in providing IT products and services for your business. We always suggest future-proofing your data center for your business expansion and against security breaches.

Going on a vacation is a must-have for rejuvenating yourself and ramping up your efficiency when you are back. Ensuring your vacation doesn’t wreak havoc on your business is critical. That means there should be no vacation from great customer service, whether you’re a new client or especially an old one.


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