Our on-the-go lifestyle puts a huge onus on accessing information instantly. The dynamic business environments now dictate how data is accessed and managed. When your business is growing, your IT solutions need to be flexible. Whether your business is a retail outlet with a small office space/ have many remote locations, or a growing home office;  you need IT solutions that are easy to use and will be a cozy fit in your valuable office space. Rahi Systems’ FlexIT ™ Office-In-A-Box can be a boon in fulfilling your IT needs while being considerate to your office footprint.

The FlexIT ™ Office-In-a-Box (OIB) Rack is a complete IT solution housed in a single enclosure. It provides a wide range of data center features and is specially designed for small to medium sized offices and retail outlets. You don’t need a dedicated space for the FlexIT™ OIB Rack. It is pre-engineered in a number of sizes to fit virtually any space and location, including space-constrained environments.

The FlexIT™ OIB Rack is an integrated smart cabinet and is ideal for:

  1. Retail stores/ Branch offices
  2. Financial institutions
  3. Medical facilities
  4. Schools
  5. Home offices
  6. Disaster recovery and other locations that need highly efficient, space-optimized IT infrastructure.

Check our featured smart office server cabinet to see how it fits your retail/ remote office needs:  WATCH NOW

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