The DC Supervisor solution complements the proven technology of Synapsys SIP integration and monitoring products, enhancing their functionality to allow users to access and view key information from a data centre environment.

The system can monitor any point around a data centre, including temperature, humidity, intelligent rack PDUs, DC/AC power meters, building management system, fire systems and door access systems, among others.

Suitable for new installations or retrofit, the DC Supervisor system is easily scalable, cost effective as there are no ongoing licence fees, and, as you’d expect from a Synapsys system, it features an easy-to-use graphic user interface.

In addition, visitors to the show saw the Synapsys SIPp power monitoring solution. The system uses a user-friendly graphic ‘dashboard’ display to provide precise, real-time power performance data, showing actual power usage down to rack level. Flexible and cost-effective, SIPp allows accurate customer billing and can flag up any increase in power consumption before it becomes a problem.

Easy to retrofit with no need for downtime, SIPp is suitable for all types of data centre applications, with variants available for DC power monitoring, AC power monitoring, and branch circuit monitoring.

Also on show was the new SIPd solution used for big data analytics, enabling fast data transfer from building control systems. The volume of information the system can handle allows users to process big data for in-depth analysis of building performance. For heavy users of energy such as data centres, this detailed analysis can reveal patterns and trends in energy consumption, unlocking a future of energy savings.


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