End-users aren’t the only ones working from home. Many IT staff are also doing their jobs remotely, making it imperative to find ways to manage and maintain data center infrastructure without going onsite.

This comes at a time when highly reliable, high-performance infrastructure is more important than ever. IT teams need to ensure that work-from-home users have ready access to the applications and data they need. Downtime prevention and business continuity are more important than ever.

What’s more, remote work puts increased pressure on the IT environment in unpredictable ways. IT teams that planned around specific spikes in demand — such as during the holidays or at month-end — must ensure there are sufficient virtual machine resources and network bandwidth to support mission-critical workloads.

Optimizing the Data Center
To meet these challenges, organizations need a cloud-like data center infrastructure that is scalable and operationally efficient. Modernization efforts should focus on these four areas:

Redundancy. Datacenter infrastructure components will fail. According to the Ponemon Institute, UPS failure is the leading cause of unplanned outages. Your data center should have redundant components, power, and connectivity serving all equipment, with automated failover and remote management.

Cooling. Today’s high-performance equipment and dense data center designs require much more cooling than traditional architectures. In many cases, IT leaders need to take a fresh look at their cooling infrastructure to ensure that it can handle the load. In-row cooling and hot- and cold-aisle containment can help create the right operating environment.

Power. Equally important is adequate power and optimizing power loads for both cost and resilience. Overloading power supplies invites failure while putting a low-density rack on a larger power supply waste energy. A thorough review of power systems can help identify these kinds of issues.

Space. Traditionally, data centers might be expected to have a 15-year lifecycle, but the rapid operational changes required for the COVID-19 pandemic have made it far more difficult to predict demand. Modular data center infrastructure provides the agility and scalability needed to meet changing requirements. Best-in-class solutions offer plug-and-play simplicity for rapid buildout.

How Rahi Can Help
Rahi Systems has data center infrastructure specialists with years of experience in the design and buildout of webscale environments. This expertise is applied to projects of all sizes through our unique ELEVATE framework.

The Rahi team begins with an assessment of the existing data center infrastructure, referencing industry standards, and best practices. We will evaluate your data center’s ability to meet current and anticipated reliability and capacity requirements and provide a detailed report identifying gaps and next steps.

If additional capacity is needed, we will look at ways to modernize your environment and develop a phased approach to improvement and upgrades. The plan will focus on business processes and associated systems that would cripple your business if interrupted so that you can allocate your budget effectively. In many cases, Rahi can address data center demands through modernization without the need to build out new infrastructure or utilize colocation facilities.

Our well-trained team can then help you implement the plan on time and within budget. Our project managers will create detailed deployment documentation and provide regular stakeholder updates to ensure all expectations are met.

With today’s work-from-home strategies, data center reliability and agility are more important than ever. The Rahi Systems ELEVATE framework for data center infrastructure can help you optimize your environment to meet today’s demands.

Rahi is a Global IT Solutions Provider. We are uniquely capable of combining data center, IT and audio/video solutions to create an integrated environment that drives efficiencies, enhances customer service and creates competitive advantages. We offer a full suite of products in physical infrastructure, storage, compute, networking, power and cooling, and audio / video. In addition, Rahi offers professional and managed services to aid customers in logistics, delivery, set-up, and ongoing support of their technology solutions.

About Rahi

Rahi is a subsidiary of Wesco Distribution, a Fortune 200 Company with operations in 50+ countries and annual revenues over USD 19B. Rahi delivers comprehensive data centre solutions for global enterprises, hyperscalers, and multi-tenant data centres. Rahi provides IOR, local currency billing, and RMA services, enabling businesses to operate efficiently anywhere.
Since being acquired in Nov. 2022, Rahi’s global presence and analytical expertise help clients achieve their business and IT requirements.

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