The odds that your organization will suffer a cyberattack are extremely high. In a recent Ponemon Institute study, 66 percent of global organizations reported a cyberattack within the preceding year.

Increasingly, these attacks are carried out by highly organized and well-funded cybercriminals who use sophisticated tools to infiltrate networks and steal sensitive data. The Ponemon study found that 63 percent of global organizations had lost sensitive company or customer information.

Attackers often start with phishing scams to gain access to the corporate network. Once inside, hackers can remain undetected for long periods of time, accessing various systems, downloading and automatically updating malware, and stealing data.

Traditional security solutions may stop known attacks, but they are often unable to detect and block this activity until it’s too late. Forty-five percent of respondents to the Ponemon study said their security controls were “ineffective.”

You need a layered approach to security that combines multiple state-of-the-art tools to protect your network, devices, applications and data. But where do you begin to improve your security posture? Development of a security strategy should start with a thorough cyber threat assessment.

The Value of a Cyber Threat Assessment

While every organization is at risk, there is no one-size-fits-all security solution. Each network environment is unique, so you must develop a plan and implement a solution that will meet your unique security needs. The first step is to gain greater visibility into the type and number of threats you are facing so that you can prioritize actions to mitigate those risks.

Rather than rushing to get your hands on the best security tools and services on the market, take inventory of your security infrastructure. What are the strengths and weaknesses of your existing security tools and policies? What are your most pressing cybersecurity needs?

Global threat intelligence can help improve awareness of threats, but it doesn’t provide local context that relates to specific vulnerabilities in your environment. The best approach is to monitor traffic for intrusions and malicious applications that could create avenues for attackers to access sensitive files and information.

How Rahi Can Help

Rahi provides cyber threat assessments as part of our ELEVATE Services. From the time a malicious actor starts their attack campaign, it can take months before they achieve their final objective. Rahi’s Cyber Threat Assessment will detect attackers that have breached your network in the early stages of the threat lifecycle before any intellectual property has been stolen or files have been encrypted during a ransomware attack.

We deploy an appliance in your network that uses artificial intelligence (AI) to detect malicious activity. The appliance automatically learns what is “normal” for each device and user and looks for anomalies that could indicate a cyber threat. Suspicious activity is analyzed to determine the type of threat and its potential impact.

We monitor your network for one month, and provide a customized threat intelligence briefing each week in which we discuss the security incidents that have been detected. Although there is no obligation to engage with Rahi beyond the assessment, we do require a joint commitment to investigate threats together to determine the likelihood of compromise.

Another benefit of Rahi’s Cyber Threat Assessment is device discovery. It can be a challenge for IT departments to keep track of devices that are active on a network due to maintaining inventory on all assets and with the adoption of BYOD devices. During our assessment, we will provide an exact count of number of devices seen on your network and classify these devices as critical assets such as servers or common endpoint devices including laptops and mobile devices.

If you decide to move forward with Rahi, we will define a security ecosystem for your environment based upon the detected threats, the architecture of your network and the number of devices. Or you can take the results of the assessment to develop your own security strategy.

Although security measures are continually evolving, the number of cyber attacks continues to surge every year. Let Rahi help you take the first step toward improving your security posture with a thorough cyber threat assessment.

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