Taking Advantage of the Return-to-Office for IT Upgrades

Most organizations had to rush to shift to work-from-home models. Now, they’re taking a more strategic approach to the return-to-office process and IT Infrastructure. For many, there’s no real hurry. Because remote work has been so successful, organizations have the

We Know Why Your Video Conference Won’t Stop Buffering & Other Productivity Challenges Explained)

Poor quality audio and video conference calls and digital meetings beset by technical issues are a huge productivity drain. While sometimes this may be a simple bandwidth issue, there are often underlying technical issues at play, such as a patchwork

Effective Collaboration is Key to Driving Workplace Productivity

What exactly do we mean by “workplace productivity”? It’s not the same thing as efficiency, which is simply the output generated versus the resources used. Productivity, on the other hands, refers to both the amount of work completed and the value of

Is Your Organization Taking Full Advantage of Video Conferencing Technology?

Video conferencing used to require expensive hardware that was installed only in the largest conference rooms and boardrooms. Today, cloud-based technologies have made video conferencing so affordable that organizations are implementing it throughout their facilities. Many organizations with open office

Tips and Tools for Effectively Planning and Managing Meeting Spaces

Today, many organizations opt for an open office environment — eliminating walls and cubicles in order to break down office hierarchies and encourage collaboration. The problem is that people still need privacy from time to time. While you might have

A Layered Approach to Securing Endpoint Devices

Employees today are increasingly likely to work from outside the office, employing a variety of endpoint devices to complete business tasks. For all their productivity and collaboration benefits, however, these devices create multiple avenues for introducing malware, exposing sensitive information

The ‘Integrated Environment’ Benefits Both Users and IT Operations

The traditional IT environment is built using best-of-breed components to support monolithic applications. Distinct teams of individuals are tasked with administering and maintaining servers, storage subsystems and networking equipment. As a result, IT personnel tend to view this environment as

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